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    Shadowy Apparition

    Only a small question: is dmg from Shadowy Apparition not shown on World of Logs? cos every time i checked there there was nothing about it..i know Shadowy Apparition are not doing so much of a dmg..but still on my recount ingame is doing around 3% of my total dmg..ty

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    Only your recount will show your Shadowy Apparitions as part of your DPS. They will not show up in your other raid members recount. They do show up in World of Logs as a "creature". However, their damage is attributed to themselves and not to the priest who spawns them.

    If you're lucky enough to have only one Shadow Priest in the raid, you can click the "show creatures" tab and see the Shadowy Apparition's DPS(e) and you could add that to your own DPS. If you have two or more Shadow Priests in your raid, all of your Shadowy Apparitions will be merged together with the other Shadow Priest's Shadowy Apparitions into one creature entity. From here, it is impossible to separate them between the Shadow Priests who spawned them.

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    Ok, thanks for the fast answer..thats why always my recount was different by the others ...But they should fix World of Logs so shadowy apparition dmg is merged to our dmg[COLOR="red"]

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    Small update..it seems at bosses with lot of movement involved (like Twilight Ascendant Council) shadowy aparition dmg is more than 10% of every shadow priest...
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