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    Best professions for a holy priest

    What do you guys say are the best professoins for a priest class? I do play main spec holy but also offspec shadow. I have the gold to powerlevel them also.

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    Probably would have to say Jewelcrafting and Tailoring would be most benificial...

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    I really like Tailoring/Enchanter combination. Tailoring gives awesome cape enchants, like a having a chance to get 800 mana back when you cast a spell(They are changing it to spirit thou) and enchant on pants is almost free compared to BoE one. Enchanting gives just 40+40 intellect so nothing too superior. I have been thinking to change my Enchanting to Alchemy for 2x flask durations.

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    What would JC offer? Tailoring does have some pretty sick cape enchants, and a free 600-900g every week is nice

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    I go with inscription and tailoring for low cost enchanting and no rep grinding with even high +int

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    All of the crafting professions are pretty good. As far as I can remmeber, JC, Alchemy, Enchanting, LW, Inscription and BS all provide 80 Intellect*. Tailoring provides the option of a 580 Intellect or 580 (?) Spirit* buff proc.

    Mining offers Stamina. Herbalism offers a pitiful amount of Haste. Skinning offers a pitiful amount of Crit.

    *If this post is correct, everything said here is meant to be "as of 4.0.6".
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    Alot of the professions for casters are pretty balanced, all of the crafting professions are viable and unless you absolutely must have the highest bonus possible then you can choose whatever you find most fun/profitable.

    Engineering gives a 480 Intellect enchant that lasts 12 seconds and has a 1 minute cooldown and does not override any other enchant. This works out at 96 Intellect overall.

    Tailoring gives a 580 Intellect OR Spirit enchant that lasts 15 seconds and has a 45s ICD. It takes a few seconds to get it to proc, most people say around 5 seconds and I found it to be around that time when I was a Tailor. This works out at around 170 Intellect minus the 50 you would normally have on your cloak because Tailoring enchants do override regular enchants.

    All other crafting professions give a flat 80 Intellect.

    The choice is either a static 80 Intellect, an overall 96 Intellect that you can use whenever you want or an overall 120 Intellect that can be pretty random. I would personally really recommend just going with what you like and I commend Blizz for that.
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