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    Mana Burn not removed from game?

    So, from the patch notes on MMO-champ's front page it sais nothing about manaburn, however Drain Mana is removed. Are we keeping Mana Burn or is it just something they forgot to mention?

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    It is still under scrutiny, but not removed. Warlock lost Drain Mana. Priests still keep Mana Burn.

    For now

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    We'll see how it works out I guess. As an Affliction warlock against some comps, especially in 2s, the absence of Drain Mana will no doubt be game breaking.

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    yay! Now we can get some revenge for these 2 months beeing squishy!

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    I hate going in arena and all of a sudden loosing hell loads of mana... :P Well well, bet they hate it when I all of a sudden get a bubble and becomes immune <3
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    Seems they left it in, probably because you can LoS it quite easily unlike any of the other Mana Drains.
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    The lock mana drain verges on stupid sometimes though. The priest's, not so much.
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