View Poll Results: Which MMO Will Be The Best?

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  • Rift

    4 36.36%
  • Tera

    2 18.18%
  • Blade & Soul

    0 0%
  • Star Wars: ToR

    0 0%
  • Guild Wars 2

    5 45.45%
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    Which MMO Will Be The Best?

    The biggest upcoming MMO's, which do you think will be the best on release?

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    Whichever one has the best game management after release, sorting bugs, patching, new content, balancing etc etc.
    As the original choice of what game to choose usually comes down to personal preference anyway, some like RIFT some hate it, same goes with everysingle game out there.

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    Endgame, both PvE and PvP.

    Screw the journey.

    So far, I'd bet Rift.

    SO FAR.
    Quote Originally Posted by Negridoom
    No. After the Cataclysm there will be an expansion for the zerg, and then an expansion for the protoss.

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    I was going to cast my vote on The Old Republic, had I not seen the youtube video's and website about Tera, The Exiled Realm of Arborea.
    How long have I dreamed of a game that would combine a Ninja Gaiden / Legend of Zelda / God of War-like combat system ( no auto attack, just hack and slash and aim! ) in an MMO environment. I know I know, how will the endgame be? Will it be a korean grinder? How will the community be? Manga-style furry loli race ( well just one, the other races are pretty bad-ass ) but you have to agree on one thing, click and cast is getting old. Combining console style RPG combat in an MMORPG is pretty revolutionairy, and yes I'm aware It's been done before, but Tera is the first one that looks like it can draw in a LARGE crowd. I for one am not that concerned about engame, the fact I can dodge attacks by straffing away and not be dependant on a certain gearscore is reason enough to try this out, SKILL -> GEAR has never been more true.

    For everyone left in the dark about this MMO, I recommend you to browse youtube for a sec, you won't be dissapointed.

    Not to mention the graphics, dear lord! I know It's not about graphics, especially in MMO's, but guys, it IS 2011, we have to go with our times or else the industry would come to a complete halt, the graphics and animations are about the nicest ones I've ever seen in an MMO and even single player console RPG for that matter.

    As you can make up from my long post, im extatic and will be looking forward to the releasedate in Q4 2011! Can't come soon enough! Warrior's ftw!

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