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    I'm curious (Closed Thread and Renew Question)


    This was a thread I made the other day. Legitimate question, legitimate curiosity. It appears to have been closed without explanation. I couldn't find a PM system to ask a mod directly, so I'm doing it here. I'm still curious as to the question in the thread, too. Will Renew spamming be more viable with the changes, in association with Inner Will and CoH?

    Not trying to cause drama, merely curious.

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    Strange, only thing I could think of would be that there might've been a duplicate thread.
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    Did a search, there is indeed not a duplicate thread. I still believe that prayer of healing will have it's place, although renew does seem to become a reliable choice.

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    Usually mods here are pretty good at posting why they close threads, but the only thing I can think of is they wanted you to ask the question in the priest sticky where they discuss the 4.06 changes.

    BTW no, Renew spamming is still not mana efficient (or HPM) as a POH , but it is more useful now and not bad for topping a couple of people off (assuming it doesn't over heal) Especially if you have a lot of mastery, Renew does not benefit from mastery other than the direct heal effect (talented) which is trash.

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    I read in another thread about there being a way to contact the mods about closed threads/bans/etc, but sadly I have no idea how to go about it. No idea why your thread was closed, but hopefully that gets answered.

    I think renew will have a better place, but still won't be your go to. PoH, even with the nerf, will still be best for groups missing health. CoH is even better now, range and heal wise, so it should be used often. Renew is good for on the move (when CoH is on CD) and keeping on tanks, but I really don't see renew spamming being a good way to go. And I hope it never is because man, that is boring!

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    Yeah, the buff to HPM for Renew basically makes it a more desirable cast on the move when CoH & ProM are on CD. I really cannot see it replacing PoH or CoH in priority anytime soon.

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    The nerf to PoH was blizzard making priests use more spells then just poh on a lot of fights.

    As of tomorrow, renew will be more reliable due to it costing 24% less mana. I might consider speccing back into full renew talents. We will see.

    Currently however, renew is only reliable for tanks and movement healing. Atremedes is a good example for use of renew in phase 2, you never should stop moving so its your go to spell with Inner will in that phase.

    Hopefully it will be better with the buff to its mana cost. I still think it could do more healing, or last longer.

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    I speced into renew as Disc with the glyph to see what kind of numbers it would generate and farmed BoT trash/heroics. I was averaging around 3200/tick and 4600 crits @16% +da which was just over 20K healing/cast. I pretty much just cast it if I had the Borrowed Time buff for the 12% haste which brought my GCD to 1.1 seconds and gave 5 ticks. In the heroics I actually found specing into renew easier to heal. Also in BoT trash I healed once with a holy priest and also with a druid, we all had about the same I lvl. The holy priests renew was averaging about 300 less a tick than mine and the druids rejuv about 400 more, but I was critting about 5% more often than him and there is DA. I am not sure if they had enough haste for an extra tick or not, but I was very impressed with the results. Also with the buff to Grace coming in the patch tomorrow I can't wait to see how much higher I can get renew to tick for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by scarryterry25 View Post
    Also with the buff to Grace coming in the patch tomorrow I can't wait to see how much higher I can get renew to tick for.
    Yes, I'm wondering about this too. Heal+Renew (therefore with Grace) could be quite nice. An emergency Pennance+Renew could also be nice.

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    For Holy renew will become an excellent filler spell once again. CoH is always stronger, and PoH will be stronger when a sufficient number of people in a group have taken damage. However for damage that is spread out amongst few people in separate groups renew will be an excellent spell to use.
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