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    A Pokemon MMO would make me nerdgasm.

    Oh and also... Lifelike blacksmithing and whatnot. The game would zoom onto the sword your going to make and you have to hit the right spots with your mouse (You can hit any spot on the weapon, the game does not show you where). The better the sword is the more skill points you get. Doesn't only have to be blacksmithing!

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    1. Permanent Death: Your character would have a limited number of "lives" available to them, and once the final life expired, you would die permanently. That way death actually mattered and you wouldn't be so foolish and careless when you play. The number of lives also provide a buffer to protect you against things like lag-related deaths so just because you lag out and get killed, it doesn't just end you forever. 100 lives or so would be good.

    2. Skill-based advancement system instead of level-based. You use skills to get better at them. Use swords to increase sword skill, fight with maces to get better mace skill, etc. And as for stats, they would be restricted based on your race in a realistic way and stats only increase when doing activities that would actually raise them like strenous physical activity to raise strength.

    3. NO EPIC ITEMS. EVER. NO SUPER LOOT. Low quality items would be available off NPC vendors, but the higher quality items would all be player crafted but even the highest skilled crafted item would only be "so" powerful. Someone in NPC crap could still have a chance to defeat someone wearing the best crafted gear if they were a better player or had better character skills.

    4. No restrictions. No stupid invisible walls, no "safe" areas you can't PVP in, nothing stopping someone from looting your corpse and taking your stuff if you die. You are "allowed" to do whatever you want, although there will be a cost and penalty for doing so such as town guards attacking you to protect that person.

    5. Magic would be extremely overpowered, but extremely rare to use and even rarer to master. Magic is far too common in games these days and because virtually everyone can use magic, it is weak to be "balanced" so that despite multiple fireballs to your face, you can just shrug it off like a few dagger hits against plate armor. It's ridiculous. Magic should be extremely powerful and very uncommon. Since the game would be skill-based, there would be no "mage" or magic classes of any kind, you would just have to work on your magic skills over time. They would be very slow and difficult to raise and if anyone found out about it, you might be a target to assassination (because of permanent death) because they fear what you might do should you master the art eventually.

    6. Races wouldn't be exactly the same with different models. I think the idea of a gnome warrior standing toe to toe with a tauren warrior is beyond ridiculous. Races should have stat limitations based on their race and even some skills should be harder for some races to learn than others. However, to keep the various races "balanced", they wouldn't be balanced in the sense that any race can do anything, they would be balanced in other ways such as rate of character development growth. For example, an orc might be larger and stronger than a goblin, but a goblin might learn skills much more rapidly than an orc. So a starting goblin vs a starting orc, the goblin would have a superior skill advantage and toward the end game, once both their relevant combat skills are maxxed and equal, the orc would be superior but when that orc character is lost to perma death, it takes much longer to replace and remake, whereas a new goblin replacement is much less costly and could be remade much quicker.

    7. Inventories make more sense. You couldn't just carry 50 plate chest pieces just because you had 50 slots in your inventory because that's stupid. Weight of the items and the amount of space they take up would both be factored in. You wouldn't be running around with 3 sets of gear (not that gear is supergear and specialized like in WOW anyway but yeah) unless you wanted to get a horse to pull a cart full of equipment to hold it all. Stronger characters could also carry more weight at a time of course.

    8. Characters need to eat and drink to survive. Venturing out from the city without proper supplies could result in death. You'd need more to drink in the desert. Your characters could also freeze to death in the snow if they spent too much time in cold weather without proper clothing.

    9. NPC cities and governments would exist at the creation of the game and when servers launched, but players could usurp and take over the kingdoms in place, or just destroy them entirely as well as build their own new nations.

    10. Stealth would make sense, not "turn invisible right in front of you in broad daylight just cause". To use stealth you'd have to be somewhere dark like at night or in shadows and it would only obscure you partially, if at all. You'd also have to wear only the lightest of armor and have skills for walking quietly and minimizing noises you make while walking or doing other things. If you wanted to be an assassin, it would take patience, skill, and planning, not just hitting the stealth button and running around and stunlocking people. At the same time though, because of permanent death system, it would make assassinations meaningful.

    11. There would be no in-game maps. If you wanted a map, you'd have to buy one from a player who created it using a cartography skill. Otherwise you'd just have to learn the terrain yourself.

    12. There would be no "red names" or generic bad guys doing bad things just because they are bad. Everyone that does anything, would have a reason to do so, even NPCs. They wouldn't just meander around aimlessly at a spawnpoint waiting to be killed and have the other 30 guys within visual distance just standing there doing nothing about it just because you aren't in their aggro range. They would be performing tasks for whatever group they are in and would call for heal if attacked and not killed quickly enough (like an assassin slitting their throat ) which would draw the ire of ALL of them within earshot. They also wouldn't just mindlessly chase you until they ran back and "reset". They would be smart enough to recognize if you were trying to kite them and if you were shooting arrows at them, THEY would be the ones who hid behind a wall and waited for YOU to move up close enough for them to hit, like they are pulling you instead. Enemy factions would only be enemies because of some political or religious differences. They could find common ground at times. And of course, there are no restrictions in my game, so you could group up with and trade with players of opposing factions if they chose to, however there might be consequences for doing so.

    Anyway I could go on allllll day about how my perfect game would be, but thats enough for now I think.

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    less focus on raids, more on individual epic quests. repeating the same dailies and the same raids over and over sucks. If they put that and pvp balance time into epicifying ALL quests I'd like the game more.

    it is much better though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wupday View Post
    Something with blackjack and hookers... ifnact forget the whole mmo thing
    <3 Bender. Actually <3 Futurama in general.

    One big thing i want is an appearance tab like WaR, LotRo ect have in a decent game. Heres to hoping GW2 or RIFTS does this.

    If i was more into starwars then id be inclined to include the upcoming MMO in it as well but I'm not a huge starwars fan.
    As for prot... haha losers he dmg needs a nerf with the intercept shield bash wtf silence crit a clothie like a mofo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pucGG View Post
    My dream-MMO is Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, just online. Screw balance, just massive hack and slash, community building, city sieging. The point would be to control as much land as possible, but guilds have limited slots, based on the size of the server and how big other guilds are. You can build guild halls, but only one guild hall in [insert fittingly sized area], which means that it would eventually be full, then you would have to attack guild halls in order to take their land. Build carefully. And this time again, screw balance, just bring one hell of a bunch of guys with big swords. Epic was received.
    Furthermore you can quest just like in the game, you can take your guilds to dungeon-like events, such as Oblivion Gates, and The Siege of Kvatch.
    Oh? I guess I'll go with something like this.

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    clearly most people in this threat like playing regular RPG's with co-op instead of MMO.. but the title says MMO, not co-op RPG

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    Good classes, good combat system, good graphics, good story. Stuff besides dungeons/raids that can keep you entertained, think public quests but maybe on a massive scale (kinda like rifts). Balanced and good pvp, world pvp, no guns or anything higher tech than swords/bows.

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    Starcraft MMO. Hopefully Blizzard is just fooling around with us and "Project Titan" is really a Starcraft MMO.

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    Developing environment, world changes based on what the players do, player-chosen story events (think like Mass Effect conversation stuff) that change what happens in the future, incredible amounts of customization (I love being able to upgrade and customize stuff), and I'm not really sure.

    My perfect game would end up being like life without permanent consequences... well, they'd be permanent in-game for that character (and possibly for the server, if it's like a server-affecting thing) but meh. It's so hard to describe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kyro000 View Post
    Starcraft MMO. Hopefully Blizzard is just fooling around with us and "Project Titan" is really a Starcraft MMO.
    It's called Warhammer 40k lol. Starcraft is just a bad knockoff of it anyways.

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    A player housing system that isn't instanced, with buildings that are all unique in their own way.

    Yes, some games do allow you to decorate the inside and the garden how you want, but in general they'll just plonk down three different types of house all over the place, with the smallest being most common, and slap three different prices on them.

    With this it would mean every single building in a city or suburb of it (think Stormwind with Goldshire, Ironforge with Kharanos) would have a purpose beyond being a vendor. There'd be a hugely interesting market, with players able to buy from eachother as well as through a realter, and would really give you a more interesting way to spend the money you've earned than buying a new axe or horse to ride.

    It could even be a "bind to account" system, with all of your characters able to live in each house: individual bedrooms in it for each of your characters etc. Not got enough room for them all? Buy a bigger house. There could even be a property development aspect. Buy a shitty house and turn it awesome, upping the price you paid.

    It would, without doubt, improve the community on servers. You'd be competing for server fame by owning the best house, not getting server-first on a raid boss. The potential for it is massive, and implemented correctly, could become as big a core style of gameplay as raiding or PvP.

    Yes, we all want perfect combat, great storylines and awesome dungeon / loot systems, but a big reason we all play an MMO is to live an alternate life, and your own property (beyond the clothes you have and the horse you ride) is a huge part of that.

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