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    One, why did you watch a whole series you didn't like,

    Two, why didnt you post this in the Tv forum?

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    and 3, why did you make an account just to tell us this?

    from what ive seen when i watched it its been an interesting show lots of things going around, and the vice president tag is most likely due to him being the son pf the founder

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    no.....if i dont like a show i dont watch it, why would i waste my time with somthing i dislike?

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    It's his opinion, but I strongly disagree. I'm in love with Sons of Anarchy and cannot wait until it's back.

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    [TV] Sons of Anarchy

    Couldnt find the original thread( If there is one)..

    But Sons of Anarchy returns September 10th, Cant wait!

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    Awesome great show. Can't wait to see if clay lives dies or turns

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    Yesssss. Bring it on. The world needs more Tig.
    "You six-piece Chicken McNobody."
    Quote Originally Posted by RICH816 View Post
    You are a legend thats why.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TradewindNQ View Post
    Yesssss. Bring it on. The world needs more Tig.
    I love that man. He's so wrong, yet so right.

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    A better expansion.
    I don't think I even finished the first season, it was way too soap opera-y. A biker gang soap opera.

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    Well it is structured on Hamlet which is a bit soap opera like I suppose. But it really is an amazingly well done show. Extremely realistic characters, fantastic dialogue, tension everywhere, general madness and violence.

    If you like the sorts of shows seen on the likes of HBO, AMC, Starz and other specialty channels, you really should give SoA another go. I found it ok at first but by the end of season one I was utterly hooked.

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    yes, can not wait <3

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    Love the show plus its based about ~45miles away from me so its cool to hear some local areas being discussed, more realism for me.

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    I cant wait for the new season too start and i hope it will be better then season 5 because apart from the opie thing i realy didnt like the season.
    - Vanilla was legitimately bad; we just didn't know any better at the time - SirCowDog

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    [TV] Sons of Anarchy series

    Does anyone here watch it? It's a rediculously awesome series and I can't stop watching it.
    Every episode of the series make me want to get on a boat to a coast around Cali and rent a motorcycle and just ride with the wind ^^,

    A solid 10/10 from the actors and the writers!

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    Moved to CTMB

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    I just started watching it on Netflix. I'm on season 3. Great show even though I feel like season 3 drags on quite a bit. Hopefully they put season 5 up on Netflix soon since the new season begins soon.

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    It's a fantastic show! I didn't really pay any attention to it as the biker world really doesn't interest me that much but a friend of mine convinced me to watch. My wife and I blew through all 5 seasons in less than two weeks.
    The characters, the dialogue, the plots, it's all so very very good and brutally compelling. Absolutely a favourite.

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    I've watched it since the first episode aired for the first time, and I actually have every season on bluray lol

    It's such a good show. It's up there with Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones for me.

    New season starts tonight too with an hour and a half episode.

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    I hope the new season will be good because the finale of last season was horrible in terms of how great SoA usually is.
    Can barely wait

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    i started watching sons like... idk maybe a year ago or so. Heard it was a great show. I finished season 1 and kinda got bored with it. I found that like... Idk it just annoyed me how much drama and sad scenes they throw into the show.. detracts from the violence and guns and stuff. so i skipped forward through those scenes. anyway.

    After deciding to watch it with the family, I went through season 1 2 3 4...(saw S5 on my comp)Season 1 is interesting, Season 2 gets better, Season 3 was decent but kinda slow. Overall I wouldnt put it up there with Breaking bad seasons 1-4, but its something. GOT is kinda funny to watch if you cheer for the bad guys, but imo its more of a shocker than one of the popular good guys win tv series.

    saw the season 6 episode 1 my only question is who is the kid in white? i never saw them mention him, but its whatever.. He looks like trouble anyway and I was right.

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