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    [Movie] American Psyho

    I saw the all movie, but ditin`t understand, why Patrick kills Paul Allan ????


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    In one of the scenes he says that the only things he feels is hate and envy. He envies Allan for his success, connections and nice business card. That is enough to get him killed.

    PS: I love this movie.

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    He kills Paul Allan because Paul Allan got a reservation at Dorsia, because he had a nicer Business card, because Paul Allan was simply doing very well. Patrick emotional spectrum was pretty limited and jealousy as well as outward appearances of his life were pretty much what mattered, and Paul Allan being more successful in these respects troubled him.

    Not that he necessarily needed too much motivation to kill, Paul Allan was one of the more motivated murders.

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    The better question is, did he kill Paul Allen?

    or even better still...


    Is, Paul Allen?
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    Awesome movie.
    Hope you find what you are looking for.

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    Is that a raincoat?
    Yes it is!

    Love that movie.
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    Huey's too black sounding for me.
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