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    Rift _ WOW killer

    Hello everyone what do you think about rift? I think it's gonna be a wow killer bcuz it's more unique, and people said that about AoC AION and stuff to but Rift really has new stuff to bring to the table, blizzard will prolly have to learn sum from this.

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    /1980`s slowclap to fade.

    not even raoulmoatly funny tbh.
    LOL, look at this angry kid go. Sounds like someone is bleeding from the vagina today. I don't know what I said to piss you off like this, kid, but I do know you must have TONS of friends and a healthy social life with that personality!-(Sindershock)
    The hardcore players are happy with the difficulty (with the exception of Buzzkill, who seems to enjoy complaining)
    Plagued Proto-Drakes suddenly become "Slightly Infected Chicken Drakes", or "Last Nights Takeaway Drakes".chronalis
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    Looks lame. I give it six months before it goes the way of Aion.

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    Nah bcuz Aion was really the same stuff over and over, Rift aint.

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    I cant help but notice all of the rift will kill wow threads are started by people with no posts.

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    Rezzing. Again.
    Please read the forum rules before posting.
    Use the search function before creating a new thread.

    There are hundreds of threads to choose from; please take your discussion there. Additionally, RIFT is not a WoW topic, and therefore should not be in this forum. Please post these types of threads in Off-Topic next time.

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    Rift? Is it a new game from blizzard or something? Could you provide us some info about it.

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    Rift will drift into a rift of its own.

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    Won't be a WoW killer, but this thread is in the wrong forum.

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    Isn't it though? Go kill 10 X, get Y... just throw in an occasional world boss in the rifts... I haven't played much, but haven't seen anything super new brought to the table....

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    Not this crap again. Really wish these wouldnt pop up every 5 minutes.
    Quote Originally Posted by Boubouille View Post
    (Oh god I'm such a troll)

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    More advanced class system etc

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    Honestly, I love the game. But I'm getting dead tired of seeing people make new accounts just to try and gloat how awesome Rift is (or try and advertise it). If you think it's great, then congrats. Share your opinion with the half a million other threads just like it.

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    Lol, no one game is ever going to "kill" Wow. It will be something that happens over time due to Many good games coming out. To be honest it's getting pretty anoying every time a new Mmo comes out people say it's going to kill the biggest Mmo ever. Bottem line is, it's not going to happen.

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    This should be in the Off-Topic Forum. I don't think Rift is a wow-killer, but I'll probably get a subscription and play Rift casually.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xismart View Post
    "Collect the cake in each level and bring it to your master."
    I sure do enjoy puzzle games and this game has nice graphics, don't think this will kill WoW tho.

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    wow killer.

    how many times have we seen this? "we're not in azeroth anymore" hahah nice one Rift.

    seriously - how many times has a game alluded to wow, or flat out said "we're better" in some obvious or subtle context? And then they crash and burn months after release?

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    You guys do understand that i'm being ironic and are trolling right? Ofc it wont be a fucking wow killer, only thing that can kill WoW is Wowitself..

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    I really hope OP isn't representative of Rifts' future community. =(

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