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    "Best" Professions for a priest?

    Hello all, i'm currently leveling a priest, and was looking for some insight as to what the 'best' profession combination would be? Looking to somewhat maximize the gold i make but also the most beneficial to the class. As i'm only level 25 or so at the moment, going back and picking up a new gathering profession as well won't be too much of a hassle.

    Preferred: Gathering/crafting to save the money leveling.

    Thanks in advance

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    Herbing/Inscription - shoulder enchants & haste. Roll cards and make glyphs for money

    Herbing/Alchemy - make your own potions/flasks for raiding, trinkets, and daily transmutes for gold. Haste also (from herbing)

    I would say these above are some pretty solid choices. Can't really go wrong with any of the professions though.

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    Herb / Tailoring or Herb / Inscrip for money making
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    I believe Engineering is BiS for casters at least, due the glove enchant. You also get an epic ilvl 359 head, which is sweet and can be customized for your needs.

    I have skinning on my rogue, it adds 80crit at 525 which is pretty nice for a gathering profession. It doesn't rely on the RNG factor of Herbalism and Mining. I can earn 1k each 30 min, and you also get volatiles from skinning so it's pretty sweet imo.

    My priest has Engineering and Enchanting though, I like maxing out stats on the one ^^

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    Best Combination of max stats for raid would be tailor/eng but then eng going to be a pain to lv

    Like what mazi has stated for a somewhat gold method herb/tailor would best cause haste on use from herb isnt terrible

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    Engineering would be the worst choice for money making - hahaha
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    Tailoring and Enchanting.

    You get embroidering and +40 int to your rings!

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    I struggled with question for the longest time. I was tailoring/ench for the longest time, but then switched to tailoring/eng. Bust out out the gloves(synapse springs) in combination with the wings. It's good when spiking or that last <25%. Idk whether it's the best, but sometimes when the tank wipes in heroics, the rocket boost allows me to dot/kite. Also, in VC during the dream phase, its fun doing the shield/dispersion/rocket boost through the electrical ball gauntlet phase. Up to you man.

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    Levelling: Herbalism/Alchemy:
    - herbalism: best gold maker with gathering on most realms. You get a small heal and nice trinket from the second you learn it too (reason it is used by almost all twinks) - it is off the GCD and so can be macroed into your spells. Too many taking mining and it is heavily devalued now until the highest levels. Skinning is a good, if slower gold maker, but it is used by fewer professions and has less synergy than the chain of professions I am listing.
    - alchemy: remains by far the cheapest crafting profession to level, especially if you have herbalism. Spec as Potion Master while levelling.

    Endgame (JC/Alchemy):
    - 1. respec Alchemy as Transmute Master (also make a daily trip to Uldum for transmutes).
    - 2. herb like crazy so you can obtain enough mats to level Inscription on at least one toon and try to get enough excess for flasks and potions to last you for a while. Don't change current toon to Inscription.
    - 3. once you have enough gold, 5k+, level Jewelcrafting. So, now you have JC/Alchemy. Learn the most common metagem recipes first.

    Make another toon and max out its Inscription with previously gathered and stored herbs (requires at least level 75):
    - inscription is a very good source of gold once you have enough seed capital. Since it soaks up a lot of gold with cards, but turns out high profits too.

    Recommended: get a toon with enchanting (maybe the same toon that has Inscription). Then you'll have the golden trio for serious gold-making due to high synergy: seed capital with alchemy/jc/enchanting and inscription for large investments.

    Of course, the above assumes your focus is more for a main or primary alt toon for endgame pve rather than specialist needs such as pvp.

    I'm not a fan of engineering for anything other than pvp since it is by far the most costly profession to level (the minimum being 10k, but as high as 20k on some realms) and the lowest overall profit potential for its output.

    As for the other professions: not much use for either Blacksmith or Leatherworking with being a priest since you cannot use most of its products. Also, they don't have as much synergy with the other professions other than their mat professions (mining/skinning). Tailoring is obviously a very useful profession for a priest. But the cloth requirements are large and while levelling you can make more money from selling the cloth you farm than anything from its products (Linen and Wool cloth are superb ways to make gold at early levels on fresh realms!). Once you have a lot of gold you can always level them later on other toons.
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    Anything including a gathering profession is not a "best" profession.
    Alchemy and tailoring are both solid, but I may end up dropping tailoring for JC/engy, depending of if blizzard updates the engy helms or if they are a one teir only item.

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    Thanks for the info all. I currently have herbalism/inscription, so that will probably be the route i stick with as herbalism can bring in good money alone, but combined with glyphs (even those that can be made at lower levels) will be nice. Plus, Therezane rep grind ftl.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syrrah View Post
    Anything including a gathering profession is not a "best" profession.
    Alchemy and tailoring are both solid, but I may end up dropping tailoring for JC/engy, depending of if blizzard updates the engy helms or if they are a one teir only item.
    Herbalism, being a cooldown, is at least as useful as a "crafting" profession, IMO.

    Lining it up with a trinket proc and Archangel is nice burst.
    People seem to only look at simcrafted Patchwerk style fight DPS, but a significant number of fights have phases where DPS isn't as important, then a burst phase where DPS really matters. I think people underestimate the value of a 480 haste cooldown just because you can't easily "sim" the value of this kind of thing.

    The fact that Herbing is a money maker is a secondary consideration that may carry more weight with people who are not 100% hardcore raiders. I will say though that it does add complexity to your DPSing in order to maximize usage, and it's certainly easier to DPS with something like Leatherworking, that gives an INT bonus on the wrist enchant without the need for maelstrom crystals.
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    For PvP, i would say Engineering and Enchantment, since most of high rating pvp players use them (click for source)

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    I'd recommend what I'm running, Tailoring and JC. Tailoring gives the awesome proc 580 spirit on back and crafts epics, JC gives not only good trinkets preraid but you get quite a big int boost from the JC gems, 3 +67 int gems instead of +40 is a sweet buff.

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    1 more intellect than enchanting etc, quite big boost yes!

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    The trinket from Alchy is quite good, worth a look.

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    If you're Undead go with Tailoring & Engineering.

    If you're not Undead, you have bigger issues than professions to deal with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thedankson View Post
    If you're Undead go with Tailoring & Engineering.

    If you're not Undead, you have bigger issues than professions to deal with.
    mmd, ty.

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    I'm quite happy with Engi/Alch.
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    Very happy with tailoring/ench

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