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    Our destro warlock reported a 1.5k dps increase.

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    Have you guys tried of MS?

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    I haven't even reforged to mastery instead of crit or re-meta gemmed my head peice yet. Or enchanted my bracer with the 50int enchant which is apparently a world drop. But they are top on my priority list as soon as I get home back zomg.

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    What's all this hunter/warlock talk in the priest forum? :P

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    About 2k dps more. I LOVE the new MB, 60k crits are nice.

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    Like everyone else I saw a 2-3k dps increase.
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    Same here, at least 2k. Been doing 14-15k Overall Damage in Heroics as of late, and Shadow is my OS and I have more mastery than I would like on the gear. However I won't turn down 90k MB crits (130k in H DM while in the bubble). I do at least 14-17k on most fights with normal mechanics, and have seen stuff like 26k dps on Rajh (with heroism) and 19.5k on Erudax in H GB.

    So making me want to not heal as disc for tonight's raid but rather PEW PEW PEW =P

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    Went from doing 13-15k on Twilight Council to 18k, and went from doing ~14-15k on Cho'gall to 21k. I love me some 75k MB crits

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    Last week in about 355 ilvl avg i did 17k on argaloth without DI, then patch + DMC:V + DI = 23k this week. Not a bad increase hehe Assuming DI is 2.5k (which is its value in BiS gear sooo not that lol) thats 3.5k DPS increase from patch and DMC:V, which is about a 2-2.5k dps increase from the patch alone. Not too shabby

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    Is there a 4.0.6 simcraft download available yet? I can only find the 4.0.3 here. I don't like looking at stat weighting with absolute BiS heroic gear as I'm unlikely to attain such a set, would like to run some simulations of 359 gear to see how the stats play out.

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    did 21k on argaloth 10man today, despite doing around 20 dispels and had some threat issues at the beginning
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    My priest's DPS went up by about 3k in a 25m BH from last week (no gear changes). During BL I popped my haste trinket and got to 90% haste.
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    So is it confirmed that mastery has passed up crit?

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    it evens out. But during cooldowns, marksman can net 40k for a little while, or more.

    Tonight bursted around 39k for a good 20 seconds on recount, avg dps was 19.9k, ranked 7th on chimaeron.

    Marksman is god atm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xStevooo View Post
    What's all this hunter/warlock talk in the priest forum? :P
    I think they are coming in from the Recent Forum Posts feed on the front page.

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    please blizz keep spriest were they are now. i love them

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    I topped almost every fight, usually by a good margin. Typically I've been in the top 5. Huge DPS boost.

    One of the fun ones - Halfus, typically I get around 30k, and top the meter. Tonight I got 45k (but was only second). Other classes got boosts too, but from my 25-man at least, shadow priests definitely got the most. The only other fight I wasn't top on was Magmaw, where I was actually really low. Mind Sear is still horrible.

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    Mine didn't go up at all, though i'm the dummy 3% Arcane mage, geze we haven't been given a hand since cata started.

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    Been getting a huge increase in DPS with DMC:Volcano added in the mix as well.

    Last week on Hafus - ~36kDPS
    Today on Hafus - ~49k DPS

    Also been ranking in the parse as shown. Loving the buffs!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wekapedia View Post
    I think they are coming in from the Recent Forum Posts feed on the front page.
    I really wish they would add what forum the post is in on the main page...

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