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    How is your DPS since 4.0.6 went live?

    I've only been able to do a little bit of dummy testing this morning before work, so I have no logs or screenshots or anything. But My Shadow Priest is doing about 2k more dps to a raid dummy since the patch. What about you guys? Anyone else getting similar results?

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    Ive seen a significant increase as well, 12.5k pre patch 15.5k this morning, same amounts of buffs/debuffs, i believe my empowered shadows was 12% dot dmg pre patch and now its 25% with the same gear.

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    A hunter in my guild was saying smth about MM (on ptr, so 4.0.6 values) is doing more dps than SV on live on a dummy. That would be fun hahaha

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    Went home at lunch for a quick heroic. Peaked at 16-18.9k DPS, averaging 14-15k probably. That's up about 2k I'd venture, but I did change meta gems.
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    11.5k -> 13k, Raid dummy with only self-buffs and ghetto alch flask.

    Is very nice, yes? High-five!
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    It was only a little bit better, but it's hard to say since I didn't get a shadow orb until my 6th mind flay cast.
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    I saw about +1k against dummy when using no cooldowns (no shadowfiend, no herbalist haste, no Archangel). About +2k when using all cooldowns. (this is self buffed only, no flask, no food)

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    Just ran BH - did 19K on Argaloth with an ilvl of 355. Huge improvement - was previously doing 15-16K.

    Adding DMC Volcano Sunday prolly didn't hurt either.

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    Was doing 12.5-13k pre patch. 16k selfbuffed on dummy now.

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    A quick test showed mine increasing. On dummoies, my arms warrior was pulling around 11k, peaking at 13k with cooldowns, now he's doing 12k(no buffs other than battle shout) sustained, without using any cooldowns. I'll do more thorough testing later and see what happens.

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    About 4k dps more, but I also did get DMC Volcano.
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    What rotation are you using now for 4.0.6 ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Domina View Post
    Just ran BH - did 19K on Argaloth with an ilvl of 355. Huge improvement - was previously doing 15-16K.

    Adding DMC Volcano Sunday prolly didn't hurt either.
    I also just did BH 25 man and hit 24k+ with 350 ilvl equipped and no tier bonus...

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    My DPS went up by around 25% from the buff. Was doing around 12-13k on dummies before, now doing 15k+

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    I'm getting a 3-4k dps increase on dummy. It's quite nice.. I'm also loving the 60k Mindblast crit.. lol

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    SV hunter only had about a 500dps loss, switched to MM, 11k dps on a target dummy (really under geared). I tested SV last night before live so not much of a loss in my eyes yet.

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    my dps went up by a little in BH but i was not doing my rotation correctly due to yelling at fail tanks, we didn't wipe, but i imagine in my HEROIK blue gear i'll be doing about 14kish up from about 12k

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    What rotation are you using now for 4.0.6 ? the same as before ?

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    i have noticed a 3-4k dps increase

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    I use the same rotation as before, in fact there is even less of a reason to use mind spike now that mind blast does sufficient burst, I DO have one question for anyone that knows the answer: Do you have to reapply SWP after a haste or crit buff to maximize it's reapplication value via mind flay? (BTW i am pvp shadow and i still do 13k+, if i was glyphed/talented properly i'd do a lot more with my full blue set, spriest dmg is good imo)

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