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    I think I was doing 11-12k on the dummy before, now I do 15k+ pretty easily. Did a random heroic (got grim batol) and averaged 22.5k throughout the run. One of the random guys told me I was a beast DPS :P

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    When I first logged in I pummeled the dummy for 17.1k'ish was going up and down by a few hundred depending on how fast orbs were coming up. (stopped at 1mil damage done)

    In 25m, I had no problems being top dps on most encounters, while still using prayer of healing spam when heals needed help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selinax View Post
    Been getting a huge increase in DPS with DMC:Volcano added in the mix as well.

    Last week on Hafus - ~36kDPS
    Today on Hafus - ~49k DPS

    Also been ranking in the parse as shown. Loving the buffs!
    I'm exacly the same... ended up with 48K and was the 10th ranked spriest for 10N on WoL. I ended up with a 3rd ranked maloriak around 22k... had a few people question whether we needed buffs, personally I didn't think the buffs were extreme nor do I see spriests that high up on ranked parses. Feels good to be outputting decent numbers, WoW does tend to come in swings and round-a-bouts.

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    From a 1-3hr/d casual player.

    Heroics: scary, good scary, especially with luck of the draw. First boss in BRC, 23k dps O_o this is right when patch went live. I seriously laughed. multidotting/mindsear tank, i was seeing 25k dps on mobs after corla in H-BRC. Had to do another with a friend who tanks because I trust him with holding aggro-- 35k on the mobs after loaf/gear dude in H-VC

    Raid(BH): past 3 weeks in BH, I've had the same gear, mainly because school started up again, so I haven't raided with the big league bosses yet. I've been at a standstill with max rep epics/pvp weps/tailoring crafted/eng crafted to hit an ilvl of 354. Been doing about 12k in BH, Mindblast being the 6th damaging move, right above imp DP in 4.0.3.. This week, I did nothing different, in fact, there were significantly less caster buffs (no totems/dark intent/mk aura) just myself, a hunter, and a mage as range. I hit 17k final, but once hit 20k during the fight. MindBlast is now the 3rd dmging move under MF and VT with my highest crit being 76k. I'm loving it, just wish I could raid a bit more now to ride the buff until the bat.

    I'm really happy with this dmg. When something this good comes to shadowpriest, you have to appreciate it. I remember there was a time in BC when shadow dps was lower than a smitespec priest >_> for a while. Still haunts me.

    All my spriest know, blizzard doesn't like us doing THAT much damage. I feel if we're sustaining really high numbers all-spriest-player wide, we're definitely going to get a nerf.

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    Just did my first try on a dummy target and... i usually did arround 13k dps with cooldownds, now I do almost 17. This is so awesome!

    Edit: Forget, I had buffs from last night's raid... just self buffed I do 15/16k dps max. Now i'm sad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jedimindtrx View Post
    From a 1-3hr/d casual player.
    I remember there was a time in BC when shadow dps was lower than a smitespec priest >_> for a while. Still haunts me.
    That was never the case, infact spriests were the top dps at the start of kara thanks to the frozen shadoweave set and a 6 sec CD on SWD. Problem was we went from about 1K dps at the end of Kara to 1600 DPS by the end of sunwell but the game was different back then, we were there to support healers and ensure they had the mana pool to heal encounters so it's not really the same thing by today's standards.

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    same rotation , 18.7k on argaloth , 20k on magmaw

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    did BH last night, 23k dps :x. I love this patch.

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    Saw about a 2,000 DPS increase against a test dummy (11K --> 13K). I also pulled 17.5k on every boss in heroic GB without AB, DI, or other similar buffs.

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    Added volcano and an increase of damage from the patch = yummy

    Doing about ~3k more. I raid tonight, so I'll have a better info then.

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    post patch i tried out on a heroic training dummy i did like 9.9k dps at top (never reached shitty 10k >.<)
    tried it out like 15 mins ago, did 12k dps sith mind blast critting 46k is very good

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    testing ur dmg on a dummy means nothing.

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    Had 30k dps in a heroic, this is gonna be fun
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    Quote Originally Posted by manikrage View Post
    testing ur dmg on a dummy means nothing.
    For comparesing purposes, yes it does.

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    Just did 24k dps in baradin hold only with raid buffs (no flask, potion etc) and had dark intent all along. I'm so happy xD

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    My DPS sky rocketed during this patch, and I love it! Last night during raid all of my guilds shadow priest were topping the charts in BOT and BWD, we were all doing around 16K-18K DPS
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    during my raid last night I was pulling between 22 max for a boss was 36k
    108k Mind Blast non crit XD

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    I ran a heroic with a guildie who is a shadow priest. His DPS was noticeably higher. My DPS, as a destruction warlock, was about the same.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xStevooo View Post
    What's all this hunter/warlock talk in the priest forum? :P
    I suspect people see the thread title on the home page of MMO Champion and click on it to post without realizing which forum it is in. I have accidentally done that a few times myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Worshaka View Post
    we were there to support healers and ensure they had the mana pool to heal encounters so it's not really the same thing by today's standards.
    I was in the warlock grp. Apperently life tap was a MAJOR dps loss, so they needed an spriest >.<
    Our healers never ran oom in sunwell anyway.

    Also seen a dps increase. Didnt do any dummy testing pre/after to check. But somebody told me I pwned everyone other dpse'r on Halfus hc while playing quite bad, cant remember what ive done there before.

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