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    Very odd place to look for a gym partner really, Id even say a bad place, but I've met loads of people from just turning up to the gym, if your gym has a bar just go there and speak to a few people when you're done, you probably won't be alone for long.
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    Oops I forgot, females don't use the internet and I don't exist. This what you're reading is just a figment of your imagination. You're going crazy and should see a shrink
    I knew the medication wasn't working!!! But seriously, it's entirely possible in this day and age you could have been a gay male and I wouldn't have batted an eye. I'm just saying.

    Also, OP: I think you should Total Gym it up. If it works for Christine Brinkley and Chuck Norris, it can work for you!

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    Chuck Norris is so ripped.... or is ripped so Chuck Norris? XD

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    I dunno, his midsection looks kind of dumpy in that photo.

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    Wish you lived up here in Canada. I could use a gym buddy :/
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    He's the Micheal bay of books. He sunk his claws into a popular franchise and is pumping out books with very little plot and a whole lot of descriptions of Rhonins hair and awesomeness and because anyone who wants to know the once rich warcraft lore will buy it the same as a Transformers movie because it's something they love and they keep hoping.
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