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    How many times do you wear jeans before you wash them?

    I'm interested to know this... I personally get about 4-5 "wears" out of jeans before I wash them as long as theres no food stains or anything like that. If I've been in a place with alot of smoke though or been sweating like crazy like three days.

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    hmm usually after 1-2 wears, but i'm a real pig and get stains on them after almost every meal :P

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    After every time I wear em. I'm not nit picky about over wearing my jeans so their nicely form fitting. My jeans look fine and fit well and I wash them all the time. The idea of wearing dirty clothes kinda bugs me granted I need to stay professional which includes smelling good and personally... dirty clothes don't smell good!

    I know there are people that will wear jeans for a long time before washing them and that's their decision.
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    2-3 times usually

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    depends if i get drunk when i wore them once if not i wear them 3-5 times

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    3-5 times too, and the day after a night out because they usually get wrecked and stink

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    The jeans I wear for work I usually wear twice before getting washed. Any jeans only wore around the house can go for up to 5 days at most. And any "going out" jeans get worn once.
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    you can wash jeans!? :O
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    2 weeks or if they are dirty

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    I usually wash my jeans after the firs time I wear them, I guess because I was brought up that way. Sometimes I'll go 2 wears without a wash but never more.

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    Until they are dirty. Meaning they have visible stains, or they smell for some odd reason. So generally, a lot of wears.

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    Once or twice, depends on what I did with them. If I'm just at home, twice, but if I go out with them, I'll wear others the next day.

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    2-5 times.... or really just after a party....smoke stinks

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    Usually once. Nobody in their right mind would wear jeans more than once after handling horses. Smelling like a barn isn't as amazing to other people. If I only wear them to go out to the store or somewhere that doesn't involve me wiping goodness knows what all over them, then I'll wear them maybe 2 or 3 times.

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    you can wash jeans!? :O
    Exactly what I came into this thread to post. Well done.

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    untill they get dirty, avg - 4 days... but im not saying 'only wore these for 2' if i go out and get all diiiirty

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    2-3 times, sometimes more if i dont do anything one day...

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    About an average of 2-5 depending on how fast they get soiled.

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    2 weeks usually. Just hate washing. Sue me!

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    I've got tons of jeans, and am a rich jew, so I only wear each pair once (one whole day) before putting 'em in the laundry basket.
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