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    Well..I wear my jeans to work ..and I work as an they don't really get dirty. No idea why some people wash them after wearing them once. Honestly, you probably sweat more every night in your bedsheets. Do you wash and change them daily too?

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    Until they completely disintegrate.

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    I thought it was common knowledge that jeans dosn't need to be washed! Science has proved so...
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    Quote Originally Posted by heacon View Post
    2-5 times.... or really just after a party....smoke stinks
    Yeah, smokey strip clubs suck for that and usually too much damn stripper glitter and skeet. Normally, 3-4 but usually about as often as I wash my hands, and I only do that if I shit on them.

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    Once or twice usually, I like to stay clean

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    I usually change my clothes every 1 or 2 days, but jeans are something I wear shamefully long before washing. Month or two or less if they get dirty I only wear them in work, though.

    EDiT: Have to add that we got cold weather around the year, so no reason to fear of sweating.
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    2-5 times, depends on what i do. At a party forexample, new jeans, fresh jeans... in school, well what the hell, i just use some, i used for 1 week ago, i didn't wash.. As long as the jeans doesn't stink, or look in badly shape, i don't give a shit.
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    A lot.

    Like, a lot a lot.

    Until just before I think they'll start to smell.

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    1 week if i don't see them as dirty during that week. other thing and how often i change them is shirt: every other day underwear/socks every day (anything else is disgusting)

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    3-4 days max.
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    When to wash jeans depends on a lot of factors, but generally, I own 1 pair of jeans at a time as I will only ever wear the ones that look the best -- regardless of how many pairs I have. I wash jeans VERY rarely when they are new and wash them more as they get "broken in". Then, as they age and start falling apart, I wash them less and less to reduce tears and holes.
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    PFFFT Jeans... Wash.. lol :P

    like 5 wears

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    1 time to every 2 weeks. depending if i have clean clothes. starting to border closer to around 3-5 wears per wash, unless they smell or are stained ofc.

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    3-4 times before I wash them.

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    jeans don't get dirty easly so 1.5 2 weeks atleast.I don't wear same jean everyday tho.

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    Once or twice. Anything passed that points just feels way too greasy.

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    I wear them once, throw them out and buy new ones

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    until they start smell like a homeless otherwise i still wear them

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    2 or 3 times

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    Never, just spray Febreeze on them everyday! There you're good to go.
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