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    2-4 weeks. But I don't get them dirty, and the only other pair I got is a little small. I'm the type who got 1-2 shirt and pants and then wears it till it's too old and needs to replaced, instead of having 3-5 and have them last longer.
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    well way more than 2-3 times... not making food stamps all over.. then why wash so often

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    Exactly what I came into this thread to post. Well done.
    exactly. why even wear jeans if you're going to wash them. these things can survive just about anything and still smell like chocolate chip cookies with ice cream.

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    jeans that are worn 5 teams have the same 'dirtynes' as those worn 1000 times unless they have stains.

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    Depends, i mostly wear my jeans 2-3 days. Then after that i switch to another pair.
    Sunday is laundry day, then i check if they need to be washed. If not, ill wear them for another 1 or 2 days the next week.

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    Use em 1 time before washing

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    underwear, socks & shirts i change daily but i can wear pants 4-5 days in a row easy..

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    twice then they get washed.
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    3 min, then I start checking for smells. As seldom as possible that's for sure. This thread makes me feel a bit better though I thought I was the only one to wear them multiple times.

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    week 1 - wear jeans 1
    end of week jeans 1 goes in wash
    week 2 - wear jeans 2
    end of weak jeans 2 goes in wash
    then jeans 1 will be ready and week 1 starts again :P

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    3-4 times unless they smell of smoke or have noticeable stains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Frozenbeef View Post
    week 1 - wear jeans 1
    end of week jeans 1 goes in wash
    week 2 - wear jeans 2
    end of weak jeans 2 goes in wash
    then jeans 1 will be ready and week 1 starts again :P
    hahaha, i was thinking of starting this too. I just hate doing laundry.
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    Am I the only person who hates jeans? D: so i guess i never wash cause i dont have any xD

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    Until they get dirty or start to smell. Why count? :s

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    If i'm going to be honest then around 2 years, give or take.

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    I never wash them. I wear them for a few months then buy another pair. Also why do they call it a "pair" it's still a single item... you English speaking people are freaks.

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    I find my 501's to fit too snugly the first day, so I prefer to wear them more than once, but I cap it at three as I figure at some point even if they don't look dirty they've gotten enough sweat and other environmental contaminations

    Brand-new shrink-to-fits often get only one wearing just because I don't like the fit (or color) at first.

    That said though if I get them dirty, they're in the wash sooner... unless they're my ratty yard-work jeans (every pair ends up in that pile eventually) and I expect to get just as dirty the next day - these I'll take off in the porch and put on the next day.

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    i dont tend to wear jeans, i stick to my board shorts! so on the odd occassion the jeans go on, they usually go in the wash right away afterwards! but my mate loves his skinny jeans and he apparently never washes them as they'll lose their shape or something =/

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    I wash my jeans after every wear... I like washing my cloths before I rewear them.. Always been like that /shrug.
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    Don't be silly, you can't wash jeans!

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