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    around 4-6 days

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    couple weeks, or until i get drunk and piss meself

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    You really should put off washing jeans for as long as possible it's really abd for them. unless you buy crap jeans and then who cares.

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    During the summer I will only wear a pair once before washing because of the sweating and and since I am freeballin the crotch of the jeans starts to develop a noticeable Oder after fewer wearings.

    However in the Winter I can push it up to 3 days assuming I don't get them covered in dirt/dust (I do Janitorial work)

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    1 :3 you guys are gross

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    And people wonder why people stink at con's. It's not always the shower thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roasty View Post
    A wise man once taught me the true male jean code. Wear them every single day straight until you can smell them while your wearing them...Then you wear them one more week before washing.
    I could not go that extra week without rubbing down the insides with cornstarch before blasting them with some cologne or febreze or maybe even some lysol if they smelt that bad.
    Might even let them air out for a day or 2.

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    1....I take sloppy dumps and don't wipe well, not enough time when I'm raiding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Varabently View Post
    3 min, then I start checking for smells. As seldom as possible that's for sure. This thread makes me feel a bit better though I thought I was the only one to wear them multiple times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barker View Post
    wow, thanks for being honest?

    OT: like 2 days to a week, depending on what i do with them on.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigsandwich732 View Post
    I'm interested to know this... I personally get about 4-5 "wears" out of jeans before I wash them as long as theres no food stains or anything like that. If I've been in a place with alot of smoke though or been sweating like crazy like three days.
    I'm with you, unless they are noticeably dirty etc. I do the same with zip up hoody sweaters. I have a few going at the same time so I don't need to wash them too often and I get to wear a different one almost every day. That's how I roll.

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    Quote Originally Posted by barker View Post
    1....I take sloppy dumps and don't wipe well, not enough time when I'm raiding.
    Blizzard invented the /follow for this.

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    1-3 times, really depends on what I have been doing, if I went to the gym in the middle of the day, shower myself and grab a fresh pair of jeans, I usually wear them the next day aswell, and sometimes even the day after that, depending on if I have been out or been somewhere else that gave it a weird stench or if there are stains on em.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allìus View Post
    jeans that are worn 5 teams have the same 'dirtynes' as those worn 1000 times unless they have stains.
    Yeah... :P

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    1-2 wears, then it's straight to the washer. Had I not been lazy I'd probably never wear them more than 1 time, I don't like having "used" if I may say so, clothes on me.
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    Once a week, unless i fart a lot and they start smelling, then sooner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daleness View Post
    you can wash jeans!? :O
    my toughts exactly:P

    3 weeks regular usage at least:P

    but on the other hand, socks, shirts and underwear all last 1 day..

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    I think I wash my jeans every 2? 3? months... maybe more.

    I only have 1 pair too.

    They smell fine and I don't work out in them so, nbd.

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    Anywhere from 3 wears to 2 weeks. It depends on how they look, feel and if they are actually dirty, and how much use they get. (If they

    I do not mingle around the house in my jeans, I have an army of Pajama pants and loungewear which I immediately switch into when home, so it's not like I'm spending all day int hem.

    The ONLY other thing I wear more than once is a shirt over a shirt over an undershirt, like sometimes I'll go out with an undershirt, tshirt, and then long sleeve shirt and I'll reuse the long sleeve shirt, or jackets/sweatshirts but those are outerwear.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FreddyLee View Post
    The jeans I wear for work I usually wear twice before getting washed. Any jeans only wore around the house can go for up to 5 days at most. And any "going out" jeans get worn once.
    pretty much this

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