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    Your favourit place

    Resently I started lvling my old bank char , a NE druid, and it made me remember how much i love the NE starting areas, I always lvl my chars there regardless the race. This made me wonder:

    Wich is your favourit Azeroth zone and why? Wich is your favourit capital city? And wich is your least favourit zoneand city?

    As you might have guessed my favour area in teh whole World of Warcraft is the lil island of Teldrassil. I love the shady forest, the soothing green trees and grass, it rly makes me jump into my screen and take a nap under a tree. When I play there I can almost feel the cool breeze of the Teldrassilian evening, it's so traquilizing and relaxing place to play. Blizz have rly outdone themselves when making those zones.

    As for city that ofc is Darnassus. Tho mostly deserted Darna remains the most beautiful WoW city imo.

    My least favourit zone would have to be, Sillthius, becouse of all the bugs and such(I hate bugs). And least favourit city would be Exodar, too shining and always get lost there.

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    I enjoyed leveling in Ashenvale, my favorite city is actually (surprise, surprise) Silvermoon. The lack of people, an ease to get from bank to AH at the second AH is nice.

    My least favorite zone? Vashjir. lmao
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    My favourite place was Grizzly Hills, I absolutely loved the music there the first time I went there, and no undead. My favourite city was probably Ironforge, it was always quite nice in some sort of way.

    But my least favourite place has to be Hellfire Peninsula, the most horrible questing zone I have ever been to.

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    That place above Ironforge where you could get only though Loch Modan (Back in the ol' dayz)
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    I love Nagrand

    Really pretty zone.
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    i always thought blades edge was a pretty cool zone
    Thunderbluff or stormwind for my favorite cities.

    Least favorite zone is probably borean tundra its very plain and boring. the exodar is by far the worst city
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    daer carrow is my favorite place....and Crystalsong Forest

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