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    Quote Originally Posted by Taliwhacker View Post
    Never, just spray Febreeze on them everyday! There you're good to go.
    Spraying anything with that chemical crap is a bad idea. Just sayin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    Spraying anything with that chemical crap is a bad idea. Just sayin'
    Hmm I believe Febreeze is "sparse" on chemicals, say in comparison to Lysol. Now Lysol you wouldnt wanna do, aha.
    Do you like Guacamole?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ciggy View Post
    couple weeks, or until i get drunk and piss meself
    HAHA Same here
    Nothing sucks more then re breaking in yer jeans
    "If you want to control people, if you want to feed them a pack of lies and dominate them, keep them ignorant. For me, literacy means freedom." - LaVar Burton.

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    once... I never wear anything more than once without washes in between...

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    "Hey mom! Do these smell to you?"

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    I used to only use em 1-2 times.. But now since I moved to my own appartment I use my jeans a lot longer ^^ Just cause when I finally do the washes I wanna do as much as possible (usually do my laundry when the only clean clothes left are on me).

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    3 and 2 times usually

    1st jean , monday tuesday wednesday
    2nd jean thursday friday...and saturday if i have something else to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daleness View Post
    you can wash jeans!? :O
    thats news too me also m8

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