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    when to start attemping heroics

    I'm a quite newly levelled lvl85, just wondering when a good time to start heroics would be?

    As a fresh lvl85, standard lvl85 dungeons were a real challenge due to the shocking mana regen, since focussing entirely on the spirit stat ever since (anything that could be reforged to spirit was so) i've started to feel more happy in dungeons when i hit ~1900 mana combat regen. Stated aiming for a bit more int now.

    What sort of stats will i need to be aiming for to start heroics as disc spec? will 1900 combat regen still be enough so start piling int, or keep int and spi equalliy important for a bit more?

    Worth noting that whilst i've played a priest a fair bit, it was absolutely ages ago and i'm very out of practice (not played since the outlands expansion, restarted with a brand new char a week before cata)

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    Quote Originally Posted by koichan View Post
    Worth noting that whilst i've played a priest a fair bit, it was absolutely ages ago and i'm very out of practice (not played since the outlands expansion, restarted with a brand new char a week before cata)
    Haha, shadow priests have changed so much since BC, along with the whole game.

    OT: I'd read the shadow priest guide and state of shadow stickies at the top of this forum, if that doesn't do it for you, go to elitist jerks or shadowpriest.com
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    Which part of "to start heroics as disc spec?" says Shadow, ibprofin?

    Anyway, it mainly comes with gear anyway, which should have a lot of the various stats that are important. Once you encroach on iLevel 330, you can start to think about Heroics. With a (good) guild group, you're golden at that point already, with PuGs you may need a little bit higher than that.

    Personally, I've gemmed for INT, SPI and INT/Haste, mostly. Similar for enchants, a mix of INT, SPI and Haste, with a Heartsong enchant on my main weapon.

    I don't know much of Disc healing (only tried it very briefly during WotLK and didn't like it), so I can't help you there.

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    Get ilvl 329+ and don't cheat with high lvl pvp items or other stuff that don't give you "real" stats. It will only make it harder on yourself. Remember to bring LOTS of water at first. I started out with around 600-700 back in the day, you're gonna be using a lot, so no sense in running dry multiple times in a dungeon.

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    I'm pretty much just your average healer. I make a ton of mistakes, and I may be partly to blame for wipes. As it is, I didn't start heroics until my iLvl was 333. My combat regen still feels a little low when stuff hits the fan, but over all, with 2090 combat regen and smart usage of my mana regen abilities, healing is getting easier.

    If you feel that 1902 combat regen is enough, I'd say to start gemming for INT. It wasn't for me. Even now, I'm still reforging some items for added spirit or enchanting items for spirit. Anyway my stats:
    Spell power: 5599
    Haste: 5.32%
    Crit: 9.11%
    Combat Regen: 2090
    Health: 103603
    Mana: 78465
    Stam: 4327
    Int: 3877
    Spi: 2040
    MST: 16.27

    My average iLvl is now 337, so a tad higher than when I first started. My haste is incredibly low, and I'm working on raising it. I do have Darkness (added 3% haste), so that helps, but I'd like to get that number up a bit more for a more comfortable healing experience.
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    I don't know about disc, but as holy it's fine to start heroics as soon as you hit ilvl 329 as long as you have the proper stats on your gear:

    Spi > Int > Haste > Mastery

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    Int is still your best stat, then spirit ..
    I saw somewhere (think on elitistjerks.com) that Int in the long run is better than spirit by a small margin .. But ofc you should gem for spirit in your blues, but gem for int in every other and take the bonus in mind always.

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    Just make sure you're in all ilvl 333+ with Spirit on every non-trinket item, and you should be fine, especially with the buff to Disc. As long as everyone in your group has at least half a brain, heroics aren't very tough.
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