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    How to use Darkmoon Volcano Card Max Dps


    Just wondering when the proc of the card goes off, we should refresh our dots to benefit from the intellect proc right? Just wondering whats the best way to use the proc, by just refreshing the dots or how to maximize dps from the volcano card?

    What i do now, i just do normal rotation and when it procs refresh vt and dp so they benefit from it..I presume once the proc is gone and u refresh vt and dp, the extra int will be gone right? There is no way to keep the int buff by refreshing your dots early enough to keep it going?


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    Generally, refreshing really early is going to be wasteful.

    As an example: Just a quick very unofficial test, I cast VT on a dummy, got just the DMC:V and then cast another VT on a different dummy. The damage difference was 1380 a tick or so. With my haste I get 7 ticks of VT, and the last one is 'rolled' into the new VT with less int, so 6 that count. 6*1380=8280 extra damage when the bland ticks are 4075. So if 2 ticks are lost, it is a wash, anymore and its a loss. This is also a very narrow few. In short, unless you are very aware, dont refresh early.

    As for best use: If you can, shadowfiend with it up. Get all your procs up at the start, cast SF then go to town.

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    i dont understand, basicly your saying to ignore the proc unless using shadowfiend during it. Or trying to refresh your vt and dp at the last seconds of the proc as not too early clip your vt and dp. Wouldnt refreshing early with +1600 int be better then not doing it. Afterall u get a full duration stronger dot from it.

    My question is, what do u do if u just refreshed vt and dp and the proc goes off? How to best use it, when shadowfiend would already be used before or during another proc.

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    Using a GCD to refresh a DoT that is not about to fall off is risky business. If you can get more DPS out of the refreshed DoT with Procs than you would out of 1 tick of Mind Flay, then refresh the DoT. If you can't, then it is a DPS loss and you should just let it ride. I can't think of a common proc that would warrant the refreshing of a DoT.
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    Generally its not worth gaming your rotation to take advantage of procs.

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    Pretty much what's been said. The only exception might be DP since I believe Imp DP hits about as hard as ~2 ticks of MF anyway, so you wouldn't lose any dps by refreshing DP early. You would, however, drain your mana faster and be forced to SWD more. Can't be bothered to test whether this is worth doing, but it's something to keep in mind.

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    Why do the say that good shadowpriests are able to benefit from volcano the best, apparently if u ignore it and just follow your normal rotation, there is no skill involved? Besides using your pet...

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    DMC: Volcano is BiS for a lot of casters, and I'm fairly sure that's without any sort of rotation tweaking. Theralion's Mirror, on the other hand, can be either amazing or terrible for shadow priests depending on how good you are at managing Empowered Shadow.

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    Alone it likely won't be worth refreshing but there are other procs as well. The other trinket slot, tailors cloak enchant, weapon enchant, and maybe other profession enchants [I'm tailor/engi]. You can also use on-use trinkets or the Engi glove tinker to stacks these procs and load up some powerful DoTs. You can also leave the DoTs as it and pop AA for MB/Mf/SWD nukes in some cases, depending on DoT times left, # of orbs, close to execute range, etc.

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