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    Quote Originally Posted by Sharaki View Post
    WTB warlocks into our raids :"(
    m2 mate m2,
    and if i have a warlock in raid they place it on healers ....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justsomething View Post
    Dark Intent is very important DPS increase to Shadow Priests, warlocks should always priorize it on SPs.

    This has been quoted from the Elitist Jerks, Warlock forums (about Dark Intent):

    All of the numbers in this guide were obtained using BIS T11 gear (iLVL 372).

    Raid DPS Gain Rankings
    Class DPS GAIN
    1) Shadow Priest 3748
    2) Fire Mage 2637
    3) Feral Druid 2601
    4) Balance Druid 2535
    fire mages will be #1 as soon as they fix ignite munching and when we get more crit.

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