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    Question Fastest way to lvl from 67 to 85: Dungeons or questing?

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    1. Get dual spec (only 10g now, no reason in hell NOT to get it)
    2. Quest as shadow while in queue for LFD as healer
    3. ???
    4. LEVEL 85!!!
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    questing through northrend will always be fastest imo. But honestly it comes down to what you are most engaged in. If you don't like soloing content and get bored with it easily, than questing obviously won't be your best bet.

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    If you have a friend that's a tank at 85 i'd suggest getting boosts through instances. I boosted my gf from 72 to 74 in northrend instances. We spended more time flying from 1 place to another (to grab some gear along the way) then instancing/leveling.

    If not, solo wise, questing+instances if you have the quests

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    I really really hate questing :-( but if that's the fastest way to lvl up - I'll stick with it.

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    My experience has been questing is faster unless you have rested XP and a fast queue.

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    Do the random daily for the xp bonus, and also do the instances atleast once for any quests there may be.
    Other than that i'd say do abit of both, quest while in the queue.

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    Just quest while in the queue for dungeons. You get the faster XP from questing and boredom relief in dungeons. win-win.
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    I very recently got my tank to 85, starting at 50. I dungeon levelled a lot, instant queues with very well tanked (;D) and quick dungeons. I got bored during all the BRD crap and started questing. It was stupidly fast compared to dungeon grinding. I was complaining the whole way while questing about the time I wasted on dungeons.

    My advice is to do every dungeon once to get a chance at loot, see the place and get the instance quests done. After that, it's not really worth going back since questing is so superior.
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    Questing is insanely fast now.

    I personally just made a new alt to level up, planning to do it in dungeons, but the amount of XP you can get from questing (in group or alone) is just insanly high compared to what you get from farming dungeons
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    You might want to check out this video on youtube

    I'm not allowed to post any links yet due to my low amount of posts on this forum but use the searchstring 'WoW Dungeon Leveling vs Solo Leveling' without ' and it's the first one that shows up.

    Though it's from lvl 20 this gives your a good idea of what's fastest.

    The conclusion: Questing and do dungeon quests are the fastest way.

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    Questing is FAR faster than dungeoning. It's not even close. But fortunately, the quests in northrend are generally compacted in the same area so it's easier to get 3-5 done and turn them in all at once.

    As horde, my favored leveling path through Northrend (that gets me through the fastest) is as follows:

    68-71.5: Howling Fjord
    71.5-72: Coldarra Quests in BT
    72-74: Dragonblight (hate this zone)
    74-76: Grizzly Hills
    76-78: Sholazar Basin
    78-80: IC or SP are both viable, though I tend to find Icecrown goes faster...at least for me, plus you can drop by and do some Argent Tournament dailies to snag some bonus Xp each day.

    If Zul'Farak is faster I wouldn't know, it's the only zone I have not gotten the achievement for over any of my characters I've leveled through Northrend.

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