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    Why am I so badly outhealed?

    So, my 10 man group runs with a holy paladin, resto druid and holy priest. The resto druid switches to boomkin on at least half of our fights since we two heal a lot.

    I've read that I should go for 12.5% haste, but even with reforging all of my gear to haste, I can't quite reach that number. I *generally* do not have mana problems, but it is extremely close. I'm typically out by the end of a fight. I get the innervates on Cho'gall for phase 2, but otherwise the paladin always gets them. And, I think the guild gives them to him because he outheals me. And, again, I typically don't need.

    But, both the paladin and resto druid consisently outheal me. I realize that heal numbers are not important, but they do serve as a guide. I really think I'm an exceptional player, so I feel like I must have something basic wrong.

    Any ideas?

    Here's last night's log: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/t3ntv3hbt7gexz03/

    Here's my armory: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...aisey/advanced

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    I don't see any Problem at all....

    Your heal is good where it is and holy palas are very strong atm.
    My tip:
    1. Dont think to much about haste (dont forget Raidbuffs) if you run oom 2Points in Veiled Shadows would be an option.
    2. New +60% first tick Mending Glyph will push you for about 500-1000k hps if you use mending on CD
    3. Are you using Shadow Fiend/ Hymne/Trinkets properly ?
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    I've bound both trinkets and my herbing haste buff to greater heal. I figure if I need to use GH, that's probably a good time for all the other crap. But, I also will click my trinkets as necessary.

    Looking over my logs, I'm wondering if I'm using PoM enough. I think I should start there? What is the correct glyph to drop for the PoM glyph?

    And, yes, I always use my fiend, but I only use my HoH if I can spare the time. 3 healing I can spare, but on the 2 heal fights I sometimes don't use it.

    I just wish I had more thoroughput, but I think I'm exactly where I should be on mana and do not want to spare it for that.

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    Your PoH use is a bit lower than your average WoL-higher ranked priest player. I might be mistaken, but 240k healed from your lightwell means your raid did not use the two lightwells you put out often enough. My guildies are the same, i keep reminding them and they still slack, but there's probably one of the reasons your HPS is a tad lower.

    Overall you're not doing much wrong, and even though your spellpriorities are a tad different from the meter"expletetive deleted" your healing is fine. You're also not being outhealed consistently if you watch several of those logs.

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    I havnt looked at your logs since I'm on my iPhone, but in both my ten and 25 man runs I almost never cast heal. As a holy priest, you are THE best raid healer In most situations. Tank healing as holy can be done, but it's subpar if you consider the reality that you are better suited as an AoE healer. Basically, renew, pom, coh, poh, and occasional greater/binding heal and you should do fine.

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    With that composition, the majority of your healing should be raid healing. Which means much more PoH usage. You should be using Mending on CD, it's a very good, very efficient heal. Make it known to your raid that Lightwell is good. Say you're watching the number of counts it has at the end of the fight, that usually gets people to listen.
    And maybe this is because my main spec is Shadow so I have an abundance of it, but I don't think it's very difficult to get 12.5% haste.
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    I would drop InnerFire Glyph for Prom.
    GH is a way to go , but its more suited for Disc cause of IF but if you want higher HPS give it a try (if your manapool support this)... running at 10% Mana at the end of a fight isn't rly a bad thing ..

    From ur logs i see your grp is pretty good at minimizing the dmg taken... so the way to go for you is more like "how many ppl are still living in the end of a fight" than "who is first in Recount"
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    One thing I can't stress enough is the amount of overhealing that is done by druids an paladins. Yes, they may top the charts at times for healing done, but a lot of it is wasted mana. The paladin had ~31% OH and the druid had ~36% OH while you have ~26% OH for your linked fight. The thing I've learned the most from Cataclysm is that we have to be very mana-conscious or we could cause our raid groups to wipe more often than needed. If you don't need to throw out a spell, don't cast. Last night when we were working on Valiona and Theralion, I noticed the other priest and druid were throwing out heals right away on the raid, despite the tank being the only one taking damage for the first 10+ seconds of the fight. The best thing to keep in mind is to stay calm and relaxed as possible during encounters so you can keep up your raid awareness, use Leap of Faith when you need to, and stay out of the fire or blasts from the encounter.

    Using your heals efficiently and appropriately > topping the meters.
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    Well with the new changes to Chakra you don't need State of Mind anymore. I suggest taking that out and picking up SoL / Desperate Prayer. DP Heals for a ton now and SoL will be quite useful in 10m.

    Frankly from a brief glance you are doing everything just about right. Tell them that if you get innervate you could probably put out bigger numbers - that's just how it is. Unfortunately Holy Paladins are downright the best 10m healers. Priests really shine in 25s. Don't fret - you look like you're doing great, I just have a few suggestions

    You just need to adjust your spec. Check out mine for a good 4.0.6 spec http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...lent/secondary

    Your glyphs are odd though. You'd put out more #s with Glyph of Lightwell than Flash Heal. Glyph of FH is kind of useless, definitely drop it. You should also pick up the Glyph of Prayer of Mending (replaced Spirit of Redemption as a Major) in place of Inner Fire. It's amazing for dropping on the tank.

    Like the above poster said - Fiend then immediately cast Hymn of Hope - even if you can only get off the "bonus mana" tick it's worth it. You'll get a lot more mana back from fiend that way. Don't spec into Veiled Shadows - you just don't need it and will hardly use it. Also, use Concentration Potions over Mythical Mana - they give you twice the mana and there are PLENTY of opportunities to stop healing & regen with it, as long as you know the encounters well.

    Don't use Mending on "cooldown". Use it when it's not on anyone, times out/ticks out.

    Don't use Sanctuary in 10m. It's just not worth the mana for how little healing it does except on Chimaeron.

    With the new changes to PoH, Renew, Chakra and CoH you should always be in Sanctuary unless you are purely tank healing. Why? For instance, I used to spend 99% of my time in 10s in Serenity for the instant heal and refreshing Renew. Now PoH got a 15% nerf, which means sitting in Sanc will put you back to the same level of PoH as before - it will also buff Renew, which is now a viable spell to be casting and pretty outstanding in 10m attached to Glyph of PoH & EoL. You also gain the shorter cooldown on CoH which is quite invaluable. In which case - you don't need Tome of Light in your spec either. It just isn't necessary, which will give you better throughput talents.

    You can also call out your Paladin: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/t...?s=4581&e=4869
    If you look at the graph you can see that he was often spiking during non Feud, now, I don't know what your assignments were but this could easily mean he was trying to "pad" - but I don't know.

    Hope this helps and I will be more than willing to clarify anything so ask away

    Edit: Your name is essentially the same as my forum name (old toon name) haha...
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    Palas cant rly do anything about the overheal, its mostly Selfheal or Beacon which cause OH.

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    Mazi - love your name!

    Gosh guys, these are great suggestions. And, REALLY thought out. I really appreciate it. I'm definitely going to look into spec and glyph changes. Also, to be fair, paladin wasn't padding. We assigned him to tanks and ONLY tanks except for during feud.

    Will take any more suggestions I can get!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maisey View Post
    Mazi - love your name!

    Gosh guys, these are great suggestions. And, REALLY thought out. I really appreciate it. I'm definitely going to look into spec and glyph changes. Also, to be fair, paladin wasn't padding. We assigned him to tanks and ONLY tanks except for during feud.

    Will take any more suggestions I can get!
    Hehe, no problem. You're definitely on the right track once you get those small things figured out. If you are 2healing Chogall you're fine. Really. Paladins are just retardedly OP for 10m

    Oh and the "12.5% haste" thing is bogus really. Just stack haste for 10m. It's better. Don't shoot for a certain percentage really. And when people are referring to it they are referring to raid buffed - which can be difficult to reach in 10m without the right raid comp for buffs. For instance, I'm better geared than you and I am not even at 12.5 self buffed.

    Edit: if you want to talk more message me on aim: qzst4rzp :P
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    knowing fights can help. most fights have phases that can be identified by certain types of damage like high tank or high aoe damage. think ahead and do what you can in advance to be in an optimal state for these phases. a general example from a druid perspective is using tree of life cd 10 seconds before a high aoe damage phase and getting a lifebloom on everyone before the damage even happens. this way i get lots of free instant regrowths when the damage actually comes and the raid is already blanketed with hots. then while in the phase i just keep tab-lifeblooming and using regrowth procs and wildgrowth. im not that familiar with priest cds but if you can get a renew on everyone before a phase like that you are golden.

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