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    Heroics 4.0.6 - Disc vs Holy

    With the new changes from the patch, which of these specs would you see as more viable, for 5-man heroics specifically? Is Holy still the best, or has Disc caught up? I'm a loyal disc player but was pretty much forced to respec holy before the patch because it was simply better by a mile, so now I'm hoping that I can go back to what I love.

    I've run a few normal dungeons as disc and the numbers I'm getting seem fairly impressive thus far.

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    I would still vouch for Holy in a second.
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    If you love Disc, spec Disc. If you love Holy, spec Holy. Both are great specs
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    I personally love holy. Love it and have been playing it since vanilla (PvP server initially... yeah, try THAT before dual spec!)
    However, I have seen Disc hold their own well in 5-mans since the patch. Pre-shielding, combined with mastery, is putting groups in god-mode with a capable priest, ever since the huge buff to shields (a good disc shield is protecting for 25k+ now, my holy protect for about 17k).

    However, I must agree with the above poster... play what you love. BOTH are equally viable in 5-mans and raids, doubly so when used together in the latter.
    Disc is all about pre-shielding, maybe throwing up HoTs (plus glypH OF PW:S to heal... come on!) and anticipating incoming damage, whereas holy is about throwing out lots of heals everywhere very quickly. Both are extremely effective when used properly. As far as mana conservation, I cannot speak to disc since I haven't played disc (PvP offspec in Wrath) in quite some time.

    Off topic, my guild did Baradin Hold last night with myself (holy) and a disc priest healing. Between his pre-shielding and my huge raid heals, it may as well have been a level 80 boss. In Throne of Four winds last night, our disc priest smite-healed on the Rohash platform, while I tank healed on the Nezir/Anshal platforms. GREAT setup. Again, both specs shine in the proper roles.

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    Tried Disc for the first time yesterday and coming from Holy, it was a snoozfest. Heroics arent Heroic as a Disc priest. Rarely went OOM and we just brezzed right through. Until they change it, Im not going back Holy. I also healed a raid last night and they even commented on how much better it was. I tanked healed and it was amazing.

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