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    can priests solo old world content

    Iv soloed lots of stuff on my dk and pally and did some stuff on my shammy but i was wondering can a priests solo any of the old world stuff like kara hmgt in any spec?

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    yes every class can, mage is probably the weakest for this stuff and most old world stuff is easy.
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    I was also wonder if SCC is solo-able? t5 is mighty pretty

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    I was also wonder if SCC is solo-able? t5 is mighty pretty
    T5 probably not due the mechanics of many fights.

    However, you can solo most of kara and ZA without too many problems.

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    Unfortunately [for you] the t5 in SSC drops from the harder bosses. I don't see Karathress happening, since all the bosses would be grouped up together, and Vashj would be almost impossible [getting the tainted ele's to die on top of the towers seems like a reach]. Leo might be do-able though. KT phase 3 also seems out of reach for Priests to solo while we're on the t5 topic. Void Reaver? I have no idea but it's too bad we can't MC his trash and use them against him anymore.

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    Also have a look at the other thread addressing this exact same topic now on the front page: "Priest Solo Capabilities"

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