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    Warning: Archaeology Vendor trash (stack bug)

    im not sure if im the first to notice this BUT......

    Do not vendor Common artifacts while they’re stacked, separate them first. At this time if you have multiple items in a stack they will NOT vendor off at the price x(how many) if you vend a stack ALL the items in said stack will vend for the single item vend price.

    just a little heads up to my fellow Archaeology peeps out there...
    if im a day late on this my bad for taking up a thread.
    happy digging !

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    I did not have this problem when I sold my shit yesterday. (EU for what it's worth)

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    I vendored over 5k gold worth of stuff the day 4.0.6 came out. No problems with stacked items.

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    No problems by me either, over 2k gold income.

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    no problem with my 2 Silver Scroll Cases (Night Elf) nice 400 gold there in about 5 minutes, not as lucky cuz i didnt get anymore during the day
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    *was hotfixed. i opened a GM ticket after i posted and didnt see the issue again upon my 2nd round of vendor-paloza.

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