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    Mysterious Potion BUFF

    I want to mention the buff of Mysterious Potion ( http://www.mmo-champion.com/newthrea...ewthread&f=279 )
    The HP buff is in the patch notes, but the MANA GAIN buff is missing!

    After a raid night yesterday, i had a average mana gain per use of 30.000 mana with alchi trinket + 525 alchi skill.
    Now the pot should be very useful.

    Have fun till nerf (?)

    so long * majo

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    Interesting catch. Kinda cool!

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    I've noticed this as well. I raided/dungeon/pvp'd yesterday and made about 15 of these because I had extra deepstone oil. If you have an alchemist stone equipped, these are by far the best mana regen items you can get. I had times when they would heal for 20k(mana), and times where it would be nearly 40k mana.

    20k mana is higher than any other potion except for concentration - which has limited uses in raid environments. I reccomend using these for all casters if you have an alchemist stone on.

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