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    I ran a couple of heroics today. Had 2 procs on average during an entire instance. It sucks so hard.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mazi View Post
    Yeah I disagree. I think it's still low seeing as we are raid healers and how often do you cast Greater Heal? My fights this week that I casted Gheal / Heal the most was Conclave & Omno

    Omno 25: 9 Gheal - 16 Heal - 3 procs with 38% overheal on Flash Heal
    Conclave 10: 14 Gheal - 14 Heal - 4 procs with only 3 used and 38% overheal

    I'm really not seeing the benefit of it on a pure raid healing standpoint. Please convince me otherwise :P

    Granted disc gains more proc chances from it due to smites. It is still something you should be picking up as holy regardless, theres no better place to put the points anyway. You don't need the extra fiend because mana isn't an issue with raid wide mana tides.

    In heroic content, when you aren't healing the raid, you should be heal/ghealing the tank to help. Tanks get wrecked in a lot of heroic content, and with the nerf to holy paladin spell cost tanks could use the extra healing.

    Also, there are times on a lot of different fight where a gheal or flash heal is superior to a PoH on a group. Even if the whole group is at 70%, if one person is at 25-30% you would be better off getting a gheal or flash on them before PoHing the group. Granted theres no massive aoes coming up.

    Priority of health bars is your friend.

    The SoL procs from "spot" healing can prove extremley useful. Take chimearon for example. Granted PoH works on groups with multiple slimes, you will still need to flash random people at times to spot heal. Any chance of a SoL proc on those is extremley useful for the next set of slimes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kaffeefilter View Post
    I ran a couple of heroics today. Had 2 procs on average during an entire instance. It sucks so hard.
    No offence, but heroic 5 mans are no way to gauge talent specs honestly. Heroic Raids work nothing like heroic 5 mans do. You will find yourself needing emergency heals like flash and serendipitied gheals a lot more often in a lot of content then you would in 5 mans.

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