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    Do Alchemy and Engineering potion buffs stack?

    I've been looking around for quite a while now, trying to find some clarification in tooltip or from a blue post or something, and I haven't been able to find it.

    What I am wondering is if I have...
    Lifebound Alchemist Stone
    and then I put this on my belt...
    Spinal Healing Injector
    do I receive both increases to the effect of the healing potion?

    I assume if I did it would be multiplicative and not additive, but still, that is one hell of a potent heal.

    I noticed in the tooltip for the stone it says "This effect does not stack", but does that just mean it's equip doesn't stack with other Alchemist stone's (older ones), or it doesn't stack with other bonuses whatsoever?

    If they don't stack, just how strong of a buff to the pot is the Spinal Healing Injector? "Increased effect" isn't all that telling...

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    Hmmmm.... Good question!!! I'll go test this when I get back from class... Wtb that in arena....
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    I imagine that combination of professions is a bit rare, but lucky for you I use it on my main.

    The potion bonuses do not stack.
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    Says it in the equip tooltip on the alchemist stone as you mentioned and I don't think Blizz would put it there unless it really did hold true.

    Edit: according to a guildy, you can only wear one alchemist stone (no matter the type) anyway (boo!).

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    Confirmed - they don't stack. Sorry

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