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    Mub'arak world first by Egypt.

    Congratulations to Egypt, who after many wipes over a very long raid lasting most of the week, resulting in some very close attempts earlier this morning, has finally downed Mub'arak, earning a tribute to insanity. Now that they have completed trial, will Paragon beat them to the punch in ICC? Only time will tell. According to a very credible source, some of the loots included liberty, freedom of speech, and, most importantly, the internets.


    Update: Brendan Fraser has agreed to a movie deal. It appears that Egypt's hard-mode only boss has surfaced.
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    Title made me smile.

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    It doesn't even matter he got nerfed last patch anyway.

    Edit: I wonder who won Freedom of Speech.

    I hear it's BiS for ret.
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    he isnt down yet. this is only a set back

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    Post of the day right here.

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    Didn't count apparently, they exploited haxxorz.

    Or was that Hacksaws? My memory betrays me these days.

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    what was the tanking strategy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by purefury View Post
    he isnt down yet. this is only a set back
    ^Pure win.
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    they now have to go back and down him in heroic mode, which includes A bigger heath pull, more adds, and less media support
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    I'm guessing he was located in Uldum ?

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    They only completed phase 1 really, he isn't considered down until he leaves the country.

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    What did he drop?
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    So much win in this thread. Nicely done

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    They need to stop making democracy more accessible... We got democracy when it was still considered Hardcore!

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    Pure Win ^^
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    Ahahaha. Title made me chuckle, nice one OP.

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    LOL. But aren't Western leaders calling to nerf Mub'arak?
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    Quote Originally Posted by njd.aitken View Post
    Post of the day right here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dindo View Post
    Ouch. Bad troll is bad.

    You are the only one who seems to disagree with the fun factor. I find it funny though the joke itself it rather old as shown here

    OT: Only reason they got world first is because they got a head start by him being there first. INC <insert awesome world first killing guild here> fanboy flamefest.

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