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    priest questions

    I havnt played a priest in over a year and I have some questions

    whats the best spec in pvp now?
    whats the best pve healing spec now?
    With goblins havethe 1% haste do they make the best race for them?
    overall how r they so far in cata? I havnt played in 6 months but have been reading in forums a bit

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    They are extremely well rounded healers... Disc and Holy.

    Healing in PvP : Disc, for sure, especially since they sort of fixed it.
    Shadow is pretty amazing in PvP right now, better than it has been, they got more burst which is just now being hotfixed back down to normalize it, no biggie.

    Race: Meh. For healing? Trolls are fine, gobbies are fine, Tauren don't offer much, nor do forsaken... PvE anyways. Belfs are ... mm.. in the middle.

    PvE Healing: This is tough, they cut the regen down a little on Holy, and semi-buffed Disc whose regen sucks to begin with, they made it a little more powerful but not really more efficient.

    For raid healing Holy is pretty much the standard right now as PW: S can get a bit costly, as well as PoH for group heals since they cut its' heals down. PoH still procs DA for Disc automatically, but... Disc just doesn't have the regen to really push a bunch out as needed.

    For tank healing and Ten mans... Disc is pretty solid right now. With all the damage absorption and mitigation, and the DA effect stacked with Grace on the two 5 man groups... they are in a sweet spot for tens and tank healing. Not to mention Atonement which is fun to heal with, when melee isn't dumb and soaking the heals from it.

    All in all, it's personal preference, I switch to all 3 specs for different situations in PvE and PvP... but am mostly Holy for our 25 man raid and Shadow for arena and PvP.
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    I'd like to add that Holy is an option for PvP. It's not optimal, but it is fun and flexible and I imagine the mobility would be better than Discipline's. Chastice is another interesting tool, both in Arena as in Battlegrounds.
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