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    Quote Originally Posted by Achtalon View Post
    My Empowered Shadows said 20% pre patch, 23% post.

    Nerfing Dark Intent would make way more sense. Spriests shouldn't be dependent on one class for an important buff. Wasn't that the entire direction Blizzard was going with Bloodlust/Heroism, Motw/Kings, etc.--not having an essential raid buff coming from only one class?
    Dark Intent is not a essential raid buff any more then Focus Magic is, Bloodlust and such buff a entier group while Dark Intent buff one person. They needed to lower the damage of Mind Blast as well which would not have been accomplished with enrfing DI, altho i do agree they could have lowerd Mind Blast base damage and then removed the dot aspect of DI from the person which is it put on. That would not nerf locks and it would bring shadow priests in line while not making them as dependant on locks.

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    Well every SP saw that coming i'm not surprised but the way it's done is rendering Mind sear useless again,

    it seems that Blizz missed that they can't be so dumb to
    - At first buff Mind Sear because they said that is doing too little damage,
    - And then nerfing cause they buffed it a lot
    - And now nerfing it again in it's primary (if not worse) state.
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    Well we should see how this will turn out, they just look so bad buffing Mind sear 15% then nerfing it for 10. If they ever want to have MS as a *decent* AOE they will be buffing it *again* soon. As couple of people before me said why not just nerf MB base dmg? That was the biggest reason why we were *alright* in the first place

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vook View Post
    Yep. It's like Randomsmo(official forums) said:

    Spriests buffing Warlocks with Shadow Weaving? NERF SPRIEST!! Warlocks buffing Spriest with DI? NERF SPRIEST!!

    GG Blizz. At least it's not a total loss, though. Sure, we're getting -10% overall damage, but our Mastery increased quite a bit. (My Empowered Shadows went from ~12% to 27% with 4.0.6)
    & lamest thing is i never get DI in my raid grp ...
    and we dont have a mage for INT buff to top that off :'(
    while hunters just top dps with out any of that sssstuff

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlyeVII View Post
    You leave hunters/dk/warlocks op from release till 3 days ago and now that oh wait, WHAT! A SHADOW PRIEST is doing GOOD!?!?! You announce the nerf 3 days later. Fun. <--- For that word to be true to its meaning, leave us like we are now for 1 month. Then it will be fair. Or maybe next time, NERF every class equally. Also why does it matter that a shadow priest does good dmg? Holy Sh*t the only thing we bring is DAMAGE. Bring the player not the class, yeah right thats some BS right there. You just need 3 interrupts for nefarian (10man), you just need a mage for heroic Halfus(10man), must I go on? Bring the player not the class.... yeah @!##ing right. Ask any raid leader if they are willing to bring a class that brings litterally nothing great, doesn't do competitive damage and doesn't have an interrupt.

    You are the ones to blame, don't say things you can't deliver.

    *Bring the player, not the class. *

    Wrote this on 4.0.6 hotfix, it pretty much resumes everything i have in mind.
    think we can only claim the top spot on the flavore of the patch
    for now Hunter Dk & Lock get that patch
    when 4.1 hits its other 3 classes

    probally they saw its to soon to go buffing boom sp & insert some random class here

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    Typical panic reaction from blizzard. They can't even distinguish single target dps from aoe. Single target dmg was high and aoe was still subpar.
    Solution: nerf everything by 8%, 4 days after the patch. That's how much proof they needed to nerf priest. A priest buff on the other hand has and is always going to take months of subpar performance and a major patch to get implemented. Many other high damage specs have been left alone for months and their changes have been tested on PTR before they go live.

    Mind Sear isn't getting buffed back in months.
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    Well we needed a little nerf, I felt that our dps was too high. When I was dpsing in heroics in my (heroic dungeon lvl) healgear with dps trinkets I did 10-11k easily. While some other guildys struggled to get to 10k while they have always been amazing dpses

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    Quote Originally Posted by polysics View Post
    completely justified
    Yeah, it's completely justified to nerf Shadow Priests, again, because of Warlocks, again. They could have nerfed Dark Intent instead of gutting the DPS of Shadow Priests who raid without it.
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    The thing that worries me is that they will see all of the complaints relating to DI being the cause of our rather high dps figures (top3 is obviously too good for a priest in the eyes of Blizz) prior to the 8% nerf and will go on to remove the DoT increase component of the buff whilst not reverting any part of this change, leaving us all in a bit of a poor state overall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KFrost2008 View Post
    I don't understand the overall nerf...why not revert MB?
    cuz mind spike hit harder than mb and mb was on a cd? mb prepatch hit like a little girl anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hellar View Post
    all ive raided so far is 10 mans. i am in some blues and pvp gear pullin 17-20k on fights. with the nerf we are still going to be a top dps spec. i see us right about affic lock area for 10 mans. idk to much about 25s.
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    Looks like the hotfix has gone live already. Did my TB dailies and I'm no longer able to get a mob under 25% with 3Spike->MB anymore. Yesterday, ~95% of the time, 3 spikes and a MB would get normal mobs below 25%, and today it was more the opposite...~95% of the time they'd still be at 27-30%.
    Quote Originally Posted by Precursor View Post
    "Fall of therzane....." what? if that woman fell , god help us it will be the second cataclysm
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    What is this shit im waking up to?!

    Beeing shadow was so fun this last week, finally beeing able to compete. But still, they trow us down. ALOT.

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    Would love to see a blue post explaining why we were buffed so much in the first place.

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    There are no hybrid classes anymore and there is no reason to make one class do more/less damage than another. Yes my shadowpriest can heal, but when he does heal he looses dps time. That is enough of a tax.

    I don't care if shadow does shit DPS if we bring something more to the table such as higher VE heals or a stronger replenishment, but now everyone and their mom can heal up with mechanics and provide replenishment. All flavor is gone and dps justification is gone. Exactly how does blizzard feel each class should be and what are the justifications they use? Or maybe they just nerf and buff people in circles so everyone has a turn now.

    The current nerf looks like it will mathematically make us on the lower side again. Lower than the point we were comparatively with other classes prior to them thinking we needed a buff.

    And I really hope they aren't basing stuff off dark intent. If they are plz get rid of dark intent. I'd rather not have it because having it be accessible in the game is nerfing me ever more in that I don't play with locks.

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