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    Mana Problems on Admiral Ripsnarl (Shadow)

    Hello fellow Shadow Priests,

    Whenever I am in Heroic DM I am having mana problems on Ripsnarl. I did the first time there, but I had just gotten geared for heroics a couple of days prior. Now though I still have problems, especially once the ad phase begins. I initially narrowed it to using DP too much, but even using SW: Pain and MF on ads I still went OOM right as Ripsnarl hit 30%

    Is this a common issue? What could I potentially do to fix it?


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    How do you OOM when using AA, Shadowfiend, Dispersion and even SW?

    Mind Spike the adds. When I do this boss with my fire mage friend I usually can't even get 2 Mind Spikes off they die so quick.

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    mind spike the adds, they die too quickly to dot em up, spam sw:death if ur having mana problems. use dispersion

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    Use SW: D every CD and glyph Dispersion if you have trouble with mana.

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    Its possible to have mana issues on this encounter if you have poor add DPS... the adds double their health pool every 8 sec and will do this on 2 occasions before blowing up. If for some reason you aren't killing adds until they get quite large the amount of spikes you have to cast is double... not to mention the encounter itself goes longer than necessary coz more time is being spent on adds.

    Providing you do the encounter properly and have good add DPS then mana should be a non issue. The fact you're having mana problems says to me your group is doing it poorly.

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    To the previous poster, that is true in a max DPS setting, however it is easily countered by using SWD in your rotation as you really cannot go oom if you use SWD for mana.

    Use AA once the adds part start, it will give you mana and increase your MS damage meaning you will spend less mana on killing them. Never multidot here.

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