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    im just wondering if skinning is still awarding XP like mining and herbing or have they changed that?
    it would be great to kno if ppl also noticed this change

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    i was wondering too. i think they think that since we get exp from killing the beast, we shouldnt get exp from skinning it.

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    Yeah, it's pretty lame. A miner or herbalist can kill a mob and get XP, then turn around and get more XP from the gather. Or they don't have to waste time killing something and still get XP from the gather. Either way they get more XP for less time invested.

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    lol, it's boring to hear whinning for everything.
    When i was leveling 80-85, i also was leveling my skinning from 450-525, i didn't find any problem or slower lvling.
    I have a pala 60lvl that i also was leveling herbalism along the way.

    It's indeed as they say to get your skin you have to kill the mob so you get exp from the mob why you should also take exp from skinning it ??
    Also there were many times when i was gathering herbs that i didn't have to fight any mobs, so if i wasn't taking any exp from the herbs then herbalists and miners would start whinning.

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    where im comming from is that hen this XP thing came out it was for all gathering proffessions but herbalists and miners still get the bonus XP for it, where skinning is a 'gathering' profession and they dont get it now so it seems to be a bit bulls**t that they dont get it

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    and p.s
    we did actually get the bonus when this all started

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    the exp you get from skinning is from the mob you just killed,

    i have all three, though when i leveled my gathering alt (herb / mining) it went SO fast, mainly due to the exp gain from gathering working with rested, yep double exp.

    no i don't think skinning should give extra exp. not a horrible idea, just don't like the idea myself.
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