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    A valid question about shadow buffs/nerfs

    How did shadow priests damage go unnoticed in PTR? Was our damage even considered or tested at all durring the PTR? HOW DOES A BUFF THAT WARRANTS A 10% OVERALL NERF GO UNNOTICED!?!
    Fact is that blizzard would rather quickly push out a product that is severely flawed than take the time actually needed to balance it.

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    There wasn't any real accurate measure of shadow priest dps on the PTR because of a persistent bug that caused 70% of the priest's spells to silently not cause damage.
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    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing. We were buffed on PTR for at least 1 month, and NOW they're realizing it was too much? I mean, come on, blizz! This seems very unprofessional.
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    There was an interesting blue post yesterday (Daxxarri) about DK direction where they pretty much admitted that the entire PTR process wasn't of much value to them due to sample sizes. It's worth a read. The relevant bit though:

    While these changes were up on PTR, we tend to get limited testing - particularly when there isn't new raid content to test - and the PTR is often of limited value for PvP testing. While we appreciate the efforts of the players who participated and sent us feedback, it’s still a relatively small sample size compared to the millions of players who experience the changes when they actually go live. Deploying quick fixes, especially nerfs, isn’t always popular among players, but when they're possible, we think it’s a better course of action in the long run than letting balance problems persist. We’ll continue to monitor these and other class issues and periodically step in as necessary.
    Interesting to know and applicable to everyone, not just DK's.

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    Is it just me or are we still waiting for the "valid question" part?

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