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    Have the exact same phobia i think its pretty common.

    When buttersnaps appear, Peaches no longer Interest me

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spectrez View Post
    I do this all the time, I sleep with my back against the wall so I can see the room. I just feel uncomfortable not being able to see the entirety of my room.
    I'm the opposite. I'm absolutely terrified of sleeping whilst facing an open room, simply because I feel that if I open my eyes, someone or something will be right in front of my face. I tend to sleep right up against my wall, with a pillow covering my back (extra security?) and my face almost touching the wall.

    I also can't sleep under closed curtains, something about being able to look up behind them just makes me shake with fear :/

    Edit: I thought I should add that I'm in no way afraid of the dark. I'm quite happy to be in a dark place, but once I need to sleep, I just can't face an open place.

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    heights, which is kinda natural...

    ...more odd phobias that I have include roaches (just roaches :\ I kinda love most of the animals and insects.) ... papercuts and the tought of getting cut by paper, and I don't know why I just --hate-- to see or imagine a wet surface (like tongue) being rubbed on paper :\ this thing is haunting me for years. :\ I know the last one seems so odd.

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    i have a phobia of my wake up alarm not being set. so i set 3 of them and i check them like 10 times or more just to be sure they ARE set. its proper annoying but only for like 10 minutes a day so its not that bad i guess
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    Yeah. Not really a phobia, but enough to bother me, like an itch. In my present house I am very comfortable. But when I'm not, I hate it when I can't see areas of the room.

    growing up, I hated my desk (was right next to my bed) because the sides were planks so I could not see under the desk from my bed, nor could I see what was beyond it. I always had a strange feeling that someone or something might be crouched on the other side XD

    I also hate leaving the bedroom door open when I sleep.

    Strangely though, I have no fear of things under the bed.

    Odd huh?
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    He's the Micheal bay of books. He sunk his claws into a popular franchise and is pumping out books with very little plot and a whole lot of descriptions of Rhonins hair and awesomeness and because anyone who wants to know the once rich warcraft lore will buy it the same as a Transformers movie because it's something they love and they keep hoping.
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    I have a phobia for heights, even when i see it in videos and stuff I get scared, ventriloquist dummies just give me discomfort.

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    That list has some pretty funny ones.

    Apeirophobia- Fear of infinity.
    Chronophobia- Fear of time.
    (Don't even know how those two could be manifested.)

    Medomalacuphobia- Fear of losing an erection.
    (Only one way around that!)

    Russophobia- Fear of Russians.
    (Perfectly understandable *nod*)

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    Quote Originally Posted by blizzardcashshop View Post
    if you find out why you have a flat tire, you still have a flat tire

    that's the problem with the "science" of therapy, they think the mind can be fixed

    people are just fucked up, sometimes for stupid reasons, but still fucked up
    if how you deal with your fucked up life isn't hurting anyone, then you're doing it right. i err on the side of cautious too and wouldn't have it any other way
    Err yeah to quote when you said the guy who was afraid of looking at tall monuments was just trying to be special.
    What exactly are you doing? Talking down to people with this "tough guy act" that doesn't help anyone with a completely dumbass view anyway?
    Having insight to what caused the problem could easily lead you to nullifying it (or just stopping it at just finding it out) and the science of therapy, even though I haven't tried, helped anyone with, or interacted with that subject at all, I still know it could help (though not as much as people say it do).

    I am afraid of silence. Everytime I get home I have to turn on the tv and I have to sleep with the tv on.

    Weird, isn't?
    I'm not afraid of silence I just don't prefer it. I like having noise in the backround to focus on etc, but if I am just plain bored I tend to think of pretty much anything and I can keep myself occupied for quite a while.
    Not sure how long though since I haven't gotten bored of it yet

    - H

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    Between the sacred silence and sleep
    Used to "fear" certain parts of the room when I was a kid, but since later, I have np.
    What I fear when walking on house with lights off, is stepping on a bug. I hate bugs.
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    I do the same thing with in the bathroom with the curtains. Nothing wrong with it - the one time I did not check there was someone in there. After I was told I checked everytime

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lysah View Post
    I have a phobia of falling into the sky, which I've also never found a word for.
    Lsd is a terrible drug.

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    I had the fall into the sky fear since childhood, it climaxed before i got ahold of it. I would be outside and suddenly seized with pure terror of falling upwards, to the point of physically grabbing objects around (telephone poles etc) to keep me anchored, as if i were going to float away into the clouds and then outer space. I also would always question if it were possible to "break" reality, or get caught in a time loop of say 60 seconds that would repeat for eternity, a kind of hell.

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    The weirdest phobia ever must be:


    Try googling it.. and for the lazy ppl let me google it for you

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wrathcrab View Post
    Just curious but does anyone NOT have these irrational fears? I know people that are afraid of the oddest things, but can honestly say that I can't think of any phobias or strange fears that I myself suffer from.

    Sure if there's a wasp buzzing around my head or something I'd be a bit uneasy but not genuinely scared. There's a guy I work with who can't stand the thought of touching unfinished wood (lol) like lollipop sticks, and refuses to eat food cooked by someone he considers to be an old woman.
    I cant say i have any overpowering fears just some things that make me a tad uncomfortable, i'm ok with heights until it comes to narrow, unstable surfaces like a foot wide curved wet pipe to walk across, bugs dont bother me either but when i see a huge spider i usualy get a bit uncomfortable until i spalter it other than that nothing realy.

    My brother on the other hand hates wasps with a passion...if he hears buzzing near him he's up and running ,flapping his hands in the air and screaming like a girl.

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    I don't really have any phobias. But after I've played F.E.A.R. I do prefer to sleep facing the room

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lagwin View Post
    My brother on the other hand hates wasps with a passion...if he hears buzzing near him he's up and running ,flapping his hands in the air and screaming like a girl.
    My GF is like that, though it's not because she is afraid of them stinging her, she is afraid of them stinging me, due to me being highly allergic to them Though I dont give a shit about the wasp, just dont stress it, it wont sting unprovoked.
    Quote Originally Posted by overcaffeinated View Post
    I don't get why people like you feel they need to chime in and tell the OP how useless his post was. If it was that useless why did you spend your 2 minutes to craft a response instead of 2 seconds to hit your "back" button?
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    Actually you are associating it wrong... Its not that you are afraid of "unseen" locations but more of what might be there...

    This is commonly associated with after reactions of watching a horror or suspense movie.

    Some Phobias that would qualify

    Autophobia - Fear of being alone or of oneself

    Cleithrophobia or Cleisiophobia- Fear of being in or being locked in; an enclosed place

    Eicophobia- Fear of home surroundings

    Isolophobia- Fear of solitude, being alone

    Koinoniphobia- Fear of rooms
    Originally Posted by Zarhym
    Was that uninformative and anticlimactic enough? .

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    Semi-Phobia of tiny animals like ants, worms, cockroaches. Then after that it's just mostly me not trying anything that has to deal with relationships.

    Water/fire/Dark>Death>Me/blood/screams>relationships>small critters

    As a dude I feel that makes me the pansy.

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