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    Ignore Function

    Hey, how many of you have been trolled for killing someone in PvP and then they make a level 1 player just to say your bad ect just being trolls.

    Then you ignore them, and they keep repeating this which is very annoying, Why not have a ignore command which you ignore everyone from their account?So when you do /ignore playername, possibly at the end add /ignore playername account so it ignores the whole account from ever contacting you again unless canceled? I just find this could be a way to stop trolls from keep annoying you constantly.

    This is not a troll thread i really do want to see other opinions on this and then if most agree put this on the suggestions forum to have this implemented in the game itself.

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    Report spam ignores their entire account until you log out. If they persist beyond that, consider opening a ticket.

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    Ah thanks! i didn't know that, but this could be a permanent thing?

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    Just report them for harassment. Gms don't take it lightly when people bypass the ignore function to harass.

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    Yea report spam does work until you log out. Sadly.

    Make a ticket ofc. you wont make any difference with that. GM will say they spoke to person or that they are aware of it. Nothing will happen to the abuser if he does not repeat offence several times(and with several i mean a lot, had a guy abusing me for over a month and GMs did nothing even i made tickets on daily basis).

    So it would be great if they would introduce ignore account option. Its prolly doable with realID and such things.

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