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    Advice on my stat weighting (Disc)

    I'm in a 10-man raiding guild and my co-healers are a Holy priest and a shaman, which means I am the tank healer.

    Before now I haven't really thought much about how much crit/haste/mastery I had apart from trying not to favour one too heavily but I think it's time I made sure my stuff is in order.

    (I apparently can't post links yet so sorry that's not clickable. Also I'm probably logged out in my dungeon smite-spec, so ignore that)

    From the armoury, my current stats are at:
    14.47% crit (874 rating)
    7.17% haste (918 rating)
    11.13 mastery (562 rating)

    Mastery is obviously my lowest stat currently but that might need rethinking thanks to the 4.0.6 update.

    I try and keep up-to-date on the big haste debate, but I personally love it. Most fights don't have the luxury of being able to have a healing 'rotation' so with all the moving and repositioning, along with weaving in dispels and other things, I want my Gheals to land nice and quick.

    I don't know, does anyone have any input on what I should shuffle around?
    Should I get mastery on a more even pegging or favour a different stat more than I have?

    I now see Spiritus covered these stats in his excellent PvE guide thread (which I've read!) but didn't think to check it again before making this post. Apologies.
    According to that guide my mastery is indeed a little low, but at least my crit is almost there. Guess I should think about shuffling that haste down after all.
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    Stack mastery as disc.

    Intel > mastery > Haste

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