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    My refreshed renews have a longer duration

    I just noticed in grim batol that my refreshed renews had a 18s duration vs the 12s if I cast it normally. I haven't tested to see if it ticks more slowly or something but I don't remember that happening to me before. Looked at my talent and the chakra description and I don't see anything about boosted renew duration so I assume its a bug? I'm going to try and see if it's haste related or something.

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    Blizzard fixed dots and hots, so that you'll transfer over a tick. So you can refresh dots, say 1 sec before they expire, without the loss of dmg/healing.

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    Yeah but renew lasts 12 seconds when I referesh it with a direct heal it always goes to about 17-18 second duration. My ticks were about 2,7 seconds apart according to the tooltip.

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    It might take over 2 ticks.
    Renew cast. 2.7 sec to tick. Heal cast, lands, ~0.7 secs to tick, renew gets refreshed. 12+0,7+2,7 = 15,4. Then say again if it hits earlier then you might be hitting 17,5 secs.
    I wouldnt know for sure about all this, as I'm not playing a class where it matters.

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