Finding Emo is a 10-man guild on Azjol-Nerub, that was founded in 2008.

We cleared all the Ulduar hardmodes, cleared TotC10 heroic without any deaths (Argent Defender) and killed everything in ICC HC before the nerf. We have always been competitive in the world strict 10 rankings; remaining in the top 10 and achieving #4 on Lich King HC and #3 on Halion HC.

Finding Emo is a casual and relaxed guild. We are a close knit group, with a fairly modest sized raid core due to the advantage of 10 man raiding. As such there is a friendly and light hearted atmosphere in the guild, with everyone having the opportunity to befriend all other members - instead of there being far too many people to ever get to know.

Our raid times are (server time):
Thursday 19.45-23.30
Sunday 19.45-23.30
Monday 19.45-23.30

Current progress:
Tier 12 content
Firelands 6/7 Heroic
Glory of the Firelands Raider completed.

Tier 13 content
Dragon Soul 4/8 Heroic

We are curent looking for:
1 Tank - Warrior or Paladin
1 Healer - Priest
1 Ranged - Priest or Shaman

For more information please visit our website for the full guild description and all the information you need.
If you still have questions after reading through our webpage; please contact Solist, Kanro or Binna in-game. You can also send a PM on the guild website forwarded to "Solly", "Kanro" or "Binna".

Here is the link to our kill videos: