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    I dreamed of not one but of two HOT babes in the same bed. The tension became harder and they asked/demanded too much of my potential I...just...couldn't....DO IT!


    seriously: Never had a nightmare, am I not normal now?
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    i woke up and i was a blood elf paladin :O

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    When I was a kid, every time I ran a high fever I had this same dream about a insanely huge ball of grass that kept rolling violently towards me. bigger than the sun.

    If my mother sat by the bed watching me (she did that when the fever got really bad sometimes), I always got freaked out by her cause I saw her evil eyes glaring me down, coming closer and closer, while all the same I thought I saw her holding one spoon in each hand, clacking the downsides together. I will never forget the sound of those spoons :P

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    I have this repetitive dream. I am in this shack, and my knuckles are being grated by an 80 grade sand paper(VERY ROUGH)to my bone. Then I find a pistol and shoot this creepy guy whispering things, but when I fire it, it seems to go through another dimension and teleport the bullet behind me. And it ends up shooting me in the back. Creepy stuff

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    Got hit in the balls by a flying baseball bat. That was some serious shit.

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    5 years old and i wasn't even fully asleep yet. the howdy doody dummy was flying towards me and the twilight zone swirl was red and white while it span behind him. 30 years old and it still kinda freaks me out.

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    I'm 5 years old. On a trip with my kindergarten class around the neighborhood, when I accidentially fall and break both my legs. I scream out for the others to wait for me, but they don't hear me. Suddenly a T-Rex comes from behind and eats me.
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    Zombies, lots of lots of Zombies, killed them all though

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    I've been eaten alive by pants..

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    Zombie Apocalypse..... and i was wining the fight but i was scared as hell, then my room mate came into the room and asked me if i wanted beef for launch....... i jumped out of my bed.... damn you light sleeping.

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    when i was little i used to have night terrors that generally involved my parents being dismembered while i was strapped to a chair.

    inb4 troll.

    They were 100% real and they screwed my mind over when i was little.

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    That's some serious shit Lued. I'd be traumatized..

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    Read some scary stories so far.

    I can't remember my worst, but I had a real bad one a few weeks ago.

    I was on vacation with my parents (in real-life) and woke up in the actual bed I was sleeping in (in my dream), which is weird, because when I dream that I wake up, it's usually in my bed at home.

    So I thought I was awake and walked to the door, but noticed there was no handle to open the door anymore, everything was dark so I had no idea what to do and freaked out because I thought I would be stuck there forever.

    I eventually waked up (at least I thought I did, but I was still dreaming) and tried to get out of my bed, but I couldn't because something was holding me in bed, I freaked again and fell out of my bed, I didn't feel the bang of the floor and suddenly I was back in my bedroom at home, at that point I knew I was still dreaming and tried to hit my head on the floor so I would wake up, but it didn't work because my head just went through the floor so I didn't hit, a bit after that happened I actually did wake up.

    But I was so scared that I was still dreaming so it took a few minutes before I realized I was awake this time, it was still in the middle of the night though, so I was scared to fall asleep again and stayed up for hours. Luckily I had a normal dream when I finally did fall asleep.

    Nice thread!

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    Had a nightmare that all parents hate. Dreamt we were at a swimming pool and i couldnt find my 3 year old daughter and I looked over and saw her laying facedown in the pool. Yea...woke up quick as piss.

    Oh and I had the dream in a dream situation. Was in my barracks and i "woke" up and our door was open and somebody was standing in the door so I jumped up to turn the lights off...then I really woke up. Crazy

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    This one where I was on a plane with tons and tons of people I knew, and we went somewhere and we were there for a really long time and did stuff (I know, very descriptive. I don't remember this part of the dream very well, even though it lasted really long) but on our way back, we were on the plane, and everything went well, but when we were descending for landing we all of a sudden started ascending slowly, then plummeted and I woke up right as it hit.

    Scary shit man.

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    My dreams always involve drugs, and guns....occasionally nazis....or something like last time.. I dreamed I was the main character of new splatterhouse...uuh violence.

    I can´t remember my nightmares when I was a kid... now I´m usually aware that "I´m dreaming", and turn the "nightmare" to something more interesting...
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    I've had some minor ones and some freaky sh*t type of stuff. But lets start with the minor for the fact of me being mad!
    This one has been happening since I think christmas or so. It starts off with me and my ex girlfreind who I am still freinds with. She wants to get back with me but I say no due to the fact every other girl I have dated don't talk to me after for like...ever. Now this it were it starts getting freaky and weird. She shoves this potion down my throat and it turns me into...well I think what I looked like about 7 or 8 years ago(16 atm). Then she takes me to a torture room were she glues head phones to my ears and makes me listen to all the music I hate. Freaky I know. Oh and btw the day after that nightmare me and my ex-girlfreind got back together. Proves I win at life but I fail at controling my own dreams -.-

    The major stuff is when I was about 5 years of age and my older brother got like a voodoo doll(And ppl think im weird XD) and told me if I don't help him take over the world hes going to make me kill myself. After a while he succedes and lets me go. But he sets dogs on me. Who are on fire. And look like my dad. And also want to turn me into their next dinner. Moral of this I guess is: Don't have cheese before bed and don't watch bloody pinky and the brain!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brader View Post
    Seeing spiders in a dream announces disillusions and disappointments.
    I checked up on this and...

    To see a spider in your dream, indicates that you are feeling like an outsider in some situation. Or perhaps you want to keep your distance and stay away from an alluring and tempting situation. The spider is also symbolic of feminine power or an overbearing mother figure in your life. Alternatively, a spider refers to a powerful force protecting you against your self-destructive behavior. If you kill a spider in your dream, then it symbolizes misfortune and bad luck.

    Your dream suggest that you are feeling trapped in a current situation or relationship. Do you feel that you are being taken advantage of? You desperately want to get out of this situation, but you are afraid to stand up and confront it. As with the premise for many of the chase dreams, fear and anxiety are the main reasons why you are running away.

    This is actually freaking me out.
    It's like they know my life... O.o

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    refreshing thread i was laying at the bottom of my basement stairs. Legs wouldn't work and this dark creature would always chase me. Had to make it to the top or he'd pull me back down, always woke up before he could kill me though. once i decided to "stand my ground" to see what would happen. Picked me up and bent me in half >.> can still hear my spine snapping

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    I was like 7 and had a 'night terror' that I can still slightly remember - I was shrunk down to a very very small size and had to run away from all of the various things in my house. Apparently while I was dreaming said dream - I was screaming, eyes open, and had my mom thoroughly freaked out. Damn, I never want to have to go through something like that again, freaky shit that.
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