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    I think my most vivid dreams happen when something irl happens around me while I'm sleeping.

    Most of my current dreams usually include noises around my house and I live by an airport so I hear a crap load of planes....planes sound scarey in dreams, Ive had plane noises turn into demons screaming throughout my house, veloceraptors outside my window, barbaric aliens pillaging my neighborhood... and of course armageddon.

    But by far my worse nightmare was when i was 10.

    I had just had a slumber party with my friends and we watched scary movies like Critters and Tremors. We had just moved into our new house and I was going to sleep on my newly built bunk bed. One of my friends slept on the top bunk and I chose the bottom to talk to my friends sleeping on the floor next to me. They all fell asleep first but I stayed up listening to weird shit in our house. I eventually fell asleep and started dreaming of our house. I was running around inside the empty house and ran to the back sliding glass door but stopped when I saw it was on the edge of a cliff I felt rumbling under my feet and saw a giant fucking tremor worm shoot out from the side of the cliff, bend up and almost chomp my head off.

    I ran but then remembered they could feel where you are when they are underground, so I jumped on top of the counter.... only to be surrounded by critters

    and if you have ever seen this movie, the more they eat the bigger they get. For some dumb ass reason they couldn't reach me unless they got bigger so they started eating the house. Everything around me was being devoured until nothing was left but the kitchen and some roof, critters were being eaten by tremor worms and they started having some warfare where the critters were blowing the worms up with dynamite. So more of the house started falling and part of the roof collapsed on my legs trapping me. One of the worms was coming at me and this one had tongues that shot out and started grabbing my arms pulling my closer to its mouth. I woke up screaming finding my friends pulling me from under the top bunk that had fallen on one side pinning my legs while my mom was lifting the top bed off of me. She was freaking out because she had no idea why I was sleeping and screaming through a bed collapsing on me. I only had bruising on my thighs and a sprained ankle from my foot being stuck and being yanked.
    I guess the Rooms-to-Go people did a shitty job building the bed and it fell on me when my stupid friend climbed back up from going to the bathroom and roughly jumped back on.
    We got our money back from them, and I choose a normal bed.

    I hate bunk beds.
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    It's a returning nightmare I've had for as long as I can remember, and sometimes (rarely but still) returns, it's not really clear what is what(as the vision is dark but I can see something faintly, very faintly', basicly I've identified it as 2 squares, a small one in an upper right corner and a huge one all over the place. I feel the situation of the little ´´square´´ at first he has space and feels all happy, next thing you know I start feeling cramped up and the big square starts busting on the little square, the little square keeps getting smaller and feels more stuck, I can also make out some voices, as if a whole group is yelling at the little square, keeps pushing him up against a wall. then it all stops, the little square is freed again, I feel comfortable again, next thing you know it all starts over again. inconsistently the feeling (and the ´´image´´) keeps changing all the time.

    Other than that, my dreams (I don´t identify them as nightmares because they actualy give me a good feeling)
    I end up dying (Or severly injured) while trying to protect my friends.
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    I've had a few nightmares over the years. I can't remember the specifics of any, although I do remember one of them was about vampires. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night sweating and feeling completely terrified. Even as an adult, sometimes I wake up and I lay awake for a while, thinking that I should really stay still and not turn around or pull down the covers to look around the darkened room. I remember once when I was a kid, I woke up in the middle of the night, got up from bed and dragged the covers with me and went out into the landing. After turning on the light, I stood still for a few seconds before I thought to myself "What the hell am I doing out here?"

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    Thinking of nightmares, it just reminded me of one i had a year or two ago.

    I was on some sort of station (i think in space, maybe a moon) and it was pitch black. I was unarmed, and was creeping through the station.

    I notice a presence, there was something else there with me, and i knew it wasn't human, so i took every step with extreme caution to make sure i didn't make a noise. I could hear the creature making sounds, like a hissing buggish growl. And i was afraid the thing would jump on me.

    I knew I had to kill it, otherwise it would kill me, I mean cmon, pitch black station, inhuman creature hissing in the dark? It needs to die. So I miraculously find some blunt object I can use ( I think it was a broom, or maybe a baseball bat?) until i could find a better weapon, like a gun or katana. and tread into this big room, with a stairwell in the center that went up to an open rail floor (kind of like a second floor with a balcony view to the floor below)

    i crouch walk up the staircase slowly, the room is Illuminated with a very dark blue hue, as if the light is barely powered, I can still hear the creature, and im scared its at the top of the stairs. I keep moving, get to the top, and see a doorway to my left, i get close to the door, and what do i see?

    I see the Alien from the Alien movie series. I freeze up on the spot, thinking it noticed me, but it didnt. Instead, it makes a growl-like sound, and walks through the doorway out of view...

    I follow it at the same pace, intent on killing it with its back turned, and wake up at the threshold of the door...

    sounds like it WOULD be a plot from Alien doesn't it? But I've never watched any of the movies ><

    EDIT: Probably not my worst nightmare, but I don't tend to remember them, as they are meant to be forgotten :P
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    [QUOTE=-Dalliah-;10435264]I checked up on this and...

    Interpretation of dreams is a mean to analyse past and future situations, and is one of the 46 parts of prophecy.
    There are some things to protect u against it. I will say some, some others i better dont post.
    Going to sleep in a state of purity (u know what i mean i hope, clean body.....) and be honest and rightful (never choose a side in a conflict/argument between people).

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    Most recent nightmare I had happened 4 days ago. I dreamt a weird ghost slit my throat when I way laying in my bed. Another creepy one I remember, was about how my family (mom, bro and dad) wanted to kill me. I had to jump out of my window to escape.
    The most creepiest one I remember happened when I was at my dad's place. I dreamt I woke up and went to the bathroom to take a piss. When I was done, I heard someone trying to break in the house. I hurried from bathroom, just to see a tall black figure standing at the door( bathroom is next to house entrance). He tried to grab me but I woke up. I usually rarely wake up from nightmares.

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    The most horrible nightmare I had was when I was in my grandmothers house and a earthquake starts happening. I see a huuuge fridge just fall down just besides me. Don't remember much more but that was some scary shit.

    I also remember one time(only), long ago, when I suddenly woke up sweating and breathing like I've been running 1000 miles. And I was still scared the first minute after waking up. No idea why though.

    On a more fun side..
    I LOVE my dreams where I fly. I try to kill myself(dunno why, seems exciting I guess.. and I'm no emo:P) by jumping of a cliff. I fall down and just before I hit the ground, I start flying and survives. Then I saw a lake as I was flying, flew into it and down to the bottom asap to drown myself, only to realize I can breathe underwater.
    Then I woke up and wanted to continue my flying dream, but unfortunately didn't manage to 'sleep' into the same dream again. =/

    Just remembered some freaky IRL shit that have been happening to me, for like the past 2 years or something.
    When I go to sleep, I always put my computer into "sleep-mode", so in the morning I can just press a button if there is anything to do. The scary shit is that sometimes I wake up by the sound of my computer, it's on. This have happened so many times. I usually wake up at like 5-6 o'clock, but lately I've woken up just past 3 o'clock, which makes me wonder what the fuck is happening. Either I'm sleep walking or there is something else. My room looks exactly the same as before I went to bed, so dunno :S After being sick a month ago, I had a bucket with water in it just staying in my room. Not long ago I noticed that one of my socks were in the water.. and I haven't put any of my socks into that bucket.. at all.
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    Dunno if this counts under the nightmare category, but it was absurd enough to short circuit my subconscious and wake me up.

    I dreamed that I was going through my morning workout routine, but ever time I did I pushup I got a weird pain in my left arm pit. So I looked at it in the mirror and there was a humongous zit. it was huge! So I started to pop it and nothing came out... so I looked closer and it had something sticking out of it. I grabbed it with tweezers and pulled out a slice of bacon. Not like crispy bacon either, like boiled looking half cooked fatty bacon. I ended up pulling out 4 slices of bacon and after I finished, on further inspection, I found that I had a butt hole in my left armpit, not a zit...I woke up very creeped and very grossed out. Also very shocked that my brain would think up something that retarded.
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    i'm back, i remembered one more

    (i'll skip the boring stuff and just get to the point)

    in a deserted village i sneak inside the house of the only family living there.
    i convince them i'm an old friend and stuff... then i take a nap.
    when i wake up they are gone. so i go outside in order to leave the village.

    but there was this really evil looking granny wearing a black cloak/cowl, with a small rabid dog.
    she wanted me to come closer but i was scared cause she felt like really evil nstuff.
    i fell down and could barely crawl away, as she slowly walked towards me, and her dog was biting my foot.
    she grabbed me by the shoulders and that made me so weak i couldnt do anything.

    she said some stuff like "u will not succeed, it will happen, u cant stop it" and such things.
    then i snapped and i yelled "NO! i wont let you people do this!" (whatever "this" was, lol)
    and i got all glowy, she let me go and fell back with her hands burned.
    with a look in her face like, wtf how can he do this, i was SO pwning his arse!
    and i fly a couple of feet in the air and do so some kind of AoE. that killed her.
    then i woke up. (or did i?)

    phew it was a dream... then my room's door opened slowly.
    there was this very slender dude, i couldnt see his features cause the light was from the outside.
    i was like, wtf? whos that?! lets pretend i'm asleep, he'll steal stuff and leave.
    i closed my eyes... after a while i opened them to see if he was gone.
    he was next to my bed, right at my head, standing there, with his super slim figure, staring at me.
    i tried to get up and run, but i couldnt. i tried harder and harder until i woke up. (or did i?)

    i thought... ffs that was weird! a dream within a dream. wait is that pancakes i smell?
    did my mom drop by? cool, lucky me, i am so hungry! so i go to the kitchen.
    there was my mom. she talked in a cold and weird way. i knew she wasnt my mom. wtf?! who is this??

    and i wake up for real this time. lol


    most of my dreams include:
    flying or hovering
    extreme climbing like altair and stuff
    some weird aoe spell that pwns evil things
    ruined cities
    hot chicks that i <censored>

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    Dunno if this counts under the nightmare category, but it was absurd enough to short circuit my subconscious and wake me up.

    I dreamed that I was going through my morning workout routine, but ever time I did I pushup I got a weird pain in my left arm pit. So I looked at it in the mirror and there was a humongous zit. it was huge! So I started to pop it and nothing came out... so I looked closer and it had something sticking out of it. I grabbed it with tweezers and pulled out a slice of bacon. Not like crispy bacon either, like boiled looking half cooked fatty bacon. I ended up pulling out 4 slices of bacon and after I finished, on further inspection, I found that I had a butt hole in my left armpit, not a zit...I woke up very creeped and very grossed out. Also very shocked that my brain would think up something that retarded.
    i loled! really XD
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    I've had some pretty scary shit, but tbh my worst one was more annoying than scary.

    I'd been wiping on Hodir (wtf, right? I wanted to scream at someone) in a progression raid for the better part of 3 hours, and finally we called it. So I went to sleep, and what did I dream about? Yup, wiping on Hodir. Over and over and over and over and over and over....

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    I had this one where i get a phone call saying my grand parents just died in a car crash then on the way there my parents die in a car crash then my brother got hit by a car, i litteraly woke up crying and its weird cas nobody in my family has died from a car crash
    Had a reoccuring one where there was this number, the more i focused on it the blurrier it gets and its oike im loosing my grasp on everything, they just get fuzzier around the edges, ive lost good sleep to that one, even if its not rly scary its like my brain is cooking and i gotta just hit reset
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    I have nightmares every now and then but none are really that bad, but I do remember one time after I read the second Full Metal Alchemist manga of having nightmares of people I know being turned into chimeras like the one guy did to his daughter, I honestly woke up screaming
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    You guys have it easy. Ever since I was a small child I've had nightmares of world ending events, hundreds of people dying in front of me, body parts everywhere, etc.
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    You guys have it easy. Ever since I was a small child I've had nightmares of world ending events, hundreds of people dying in front of me, body parts everywhere, etc.
    I had one after watching and getting pissed off at day after tommorow, personaly it was better than the movie, and i wws like up on the space station and we were all sofficating because the air scrubbers were down cas we were out of supplies,
    I personaly like the falling dreams, even if they do wake me up and i cant get back to sleep, they only rly scare me if i dont wakeup before i hit the ground

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    Imagine the worst guro ''sex'' picture you have seen.
    That's what my nightmares look like, with me being the one that's chopped apart/dipped in acid/grilled and eaten etc etc.
    Worst part is, it feels -real- to me, heck I've even had trouble using my arm because it got decapitated in a dream...For a short while ofc, like 5 mins.
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    I've had some pretty messed-up nightmares in my time, but the one I remember the most is where I died. Yeah, I died in my own dream.

    I remember it quite well. I was in a small rowboat near a beach in the middle of the night, me and someone else rowed to land and ran into a house, where feral human-like beings broke in and killed us.

    I'm a fan of wierdos like Gieger and Lovecraft, I love dreams and nightmares.
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    Wow, there's some really crazy (and funny stuff ) in this thread.

    Actually, I had a nightmare this very night, actually it was like 3 nightmares throughout the night, but I only remember 2 of them.

    The first nightmare was me having a child, I don't know who I had it with, though, I just had it.
    Then I got home with the child and I was like "My life just got ruined... how am I gonna focus on getting an education now... ? ", then when the child was 3 days old, it started walking around and saying weird stuff like "I'm supposed to talk...".
    2 days after, my 5 days old child looked like an 8 year old...
    That is probably the weirdest and most harmless nightmare I have ever had.

    The second nightmare happened in a building that reminded me of the Watchtower from DC Universe, I was building buildings like in Starcraft (from a first person point of view, though) and I built a building that spawned Yoda. (I know, weird)
    Then I don't really remember much of what happened after, but one of my really geeky friends who's almost always negative came over to me and said "Maybe they're evil..." and I was just standing there, in shock, but apparently I knew what it meant cause I started running as an angry, evil, mutated Yoda started chasing me.
    I then saw some children painting graffiti on a wall and asked them if I could join in to which they replied "Just let them see what we're doing!" and then disappeared into the blue air.

    When I woke up my mom was spraying some weird stuff in our living room.

    I don't know if I should just laugh at it or be worried.
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    I used to have a weird one when I was a kid, I'm not sure what influenced it, but once in a while I'd get a dream where I'm technically sleeping in my bed (inside the dream) and it's like i sense some kind of ghost-shit is about to happen, and usually it does, out of nowhere, it like zooms into me and i can hear a ghost scream and i know I'm about to get attacked by a ghost in the dream, and I get kind of hit or flinged across the room by the ghost and then i wake up. D:

    Don't really have nightmares anymore, however a couple of days ago I was trying to fall a sleep, and thinking normal thoughts when i fall asleep eventually and i slept for about 10 minutes I think? and then BAM random scary face jumps out in my dreams, at first I didn't react, I woke up, didn't think much of it and tried to sleep again, and then 5 minutes later i taught, wait, WTF! and I couldn't fall asleep from there on lol.

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    My worst nightmare is few weeks old.

    Was dreaming my doughter got kidnaped and i was running behind the car all the time (dont ask me why i didnt drive). I wouldnt give up even tho i couldnt breath anymore. Luckily i woke up fast (i think) couse i felt my heart will explode IRL of the adrenaline. First thing i did was checking if both kids were in bed. Jesus that was insane & intense dream.

    Never again please.
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    I don't get night mares anymore. After years of bad nightmares and practice I managed to be able to control the outcome of the dream. Like when I am stuck in a room full of zombies then I would usually die and wake up, but I realize it is a dream and I use my mind to do some crazy shit like turn my hands into massive chainsaws and rip through the zombies with blood and gore everywhere.

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