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    I dreamed that my cat died i almost woke up crying.

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    whenever i have a nightmare i rambo whatever's going to kill me
    then i die and wake up w/ heart beating fast or kill it and dream ends npnp

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    Worst I ever had...Very vivid dream of big yellow and black spiders, probably 7~8 inches across. It was a fictional species invented by my sleeping brain, of course, but they were pretty wicked looking, the spiky kind. I'm arachnophobic so spiders are terrifying at the best of times, and in this dream they were nesting above my front door in a big thing like a beehive. I ran to my bedroom and shut the door, but soon they started crawling underneath it and up the wall.

    Apparently I was screaming in my sleep, because my boyfriend woke up and went over to turn on the light. I woke up but, here's the really scary part, didn't stop dreaming. So for a few seconds I was hallucinating a huge spider crawling off the wall and up his arm. It was the worst dream ever.

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    Hmmm, to be honest, I can't decide which is the worst I've had... There have been many where my family, or people I care for, have got tortured or killed infront of my eyes, or turning on me..

    Lets see...

    One dream I've had was that I went to meet my boyfriend for the first time (long distance relationship, starting over net), and we were inside his house, with his family there too. And I had my stuff in their car, in the back seat. Then suddenly was loads of noice, looked out, and some people, in around 20 ish age, tried to break into the car. They looked really dangerous, and I begged my boyfriend and his family to stay inside, and just call the police.. But then my boyfriend ran out, beat them down, made them run away.. But then saw that while running away, one of the men suddenly stopped, took something from inside jacket, turned around, and took out a gun, shooting my boyfriend in the chest, and made him fall to the ground.. Heart beating as hell and being terrified, I ran over to him, held around him, with his head resting against me, he looked at me one last time, smiled, said he loved me, then closed his eyes for the last time.. Woke up in ears of that dream.

    Then another one I've had was that me and my family was sitting in the living room, in the sofa, watching the news on the TV. Warning sound have gone outside, the world was in chaos; Zombie apocalypse had happend. We watched the news, reporter telling everyone to block doors and windows, and stay inside.. Suddenly the reporter on the TV started screaming, the camera man had turned into an Zombie, and attacked the reporter while it was still going live... Then the TV stopped working. Suddenly was hands pushed against windows, making blood signs on the windows.. Our house was surrounded by zombies, their eyes glowed of hunger.. Trying to get inside our house.. Then, checked up, and noticed we hadn't closed the air ventile to our house, and saw some weird.. cloud coming inside the living room, laying close to the roof.. Looked up, then looked at my family.. Saw my dad starting to act weird, then turning neck in weird position, neck breaking.. Then how he started moving again, and jumped on my mother, biting and starting to kill her.. My mother screaming in pain.. My mothers body turning lifeless, then getting "alive" again. I was paralyzed, looking at what had become of my family.. Tried to get out a sound, but couldn't, my voice wouldn't work, only had tears flowing down my face.. Had my boyfriend infront of me, protecting me, told me he wouldn't let them hurt me, that he'd protect me even if it killed him in the process.. He managed to "kill" my parents, saving me.. He comforted me, embraced me, then suddenly felt how he started acting weird, his grip around me got tighter, got hard to breathe.. He said "I'm s-sorry...." Then suddenly felt the warm feeling of blood.. blood flowing down my chest, from my neck.. Managed to push my "boyfriend" away a bit, and saw his eyes, glowing of evil, the crave for human flesh.. Knowing it were already too late, feeling how I was losing my mind, close to dying due to blood loss and the big wound on my neck /shoulder, I just held around my "boyfriend", even if it still wasn't him.. Feeling the zombie biting and eating my body while I were still alive, smiled, knowing I'd be able to be with my boyfriend again in the life after... Woke up when everything turned black in the dream.. Heart beating, I wasn't able to sleep for a while after that.

    Then the last one.. I dreamt that I was in a mall with some friends, in a long wide hallway. Walked there with my two friends, but felt weird, like something was wrong. Looked ahead, and saw a strange.. man, or creature.. And saw how he pulled people away to the side or in corners, saw how he killed them, how blood got on the walls, and floor.. How he dropped the lifeless body to the ground, and started walking to the next person, and he kept going like that.. The hallway was crowded with people, but they all seemd to be.. There, but yet not there, bodys walking, but without souls.. Not screaming at getting hurt, not reacting at people getting murdered. My friends didn't notice either, I was the only one screaming, telling people to react, to do something, no one heard me; no one saw me. Then saw how my friends got pulled away by the man, and murdered infront of my eyes. With everyone else killed in the hallway, he turned to me and had a smirk on his face, walking towards me with a knife out, covered in blood.. I fell to the ground, with the wall behind me, crying, asking why he did it.. I never got an answer, but the man stopped, hid the knife, and looked at me. The insanity that I saw in him before was gone, he acted like a normal person. Suddenly everything went black, and I was some months forward in time. Was at a house with the man, seemd to have become good friends with him, somehow. He trusted me. All was.. good, like nothing had happend before, was like we had known eachother for years, being as one.. Then suddenly he struggled, screaming, falling to his knees. Holding one hand for his face.. Heard him mumbling.. "We must kill her". "No! She's my friend!" "Bullshit, she ain't your friend. No one is your friend. You are alone. She is a burden, you are stronger alone. WE are stronger alone." "NO!" "Kill her." Heard him screaming again, then suddenly how his hand fell down, like he lost conciousness (?), then how his head turned my way.. Huge smirk on his face, showing all teeth, grin going close to his ears.. Crazy looking eyes, like he lost all sanity.. Same eyes I saw when he murdered everyone.. Then he stood up, walked towards me slowly.. Begged him to stop, he kept struggling with himself, but body kept moving on it's own, against me.. Suddenly was infront of me, grabbed hold of my neck with both hands, lift me up, and pushed me against the wall. Felt my life slipping out of me slowly, not being able to breathe, how the bones in my neck was gonna break any second.. The man kept looking at me, enjoying my pain, how he held my life in his hands, and how he was taking it.. When almost close to losing my life, saw tears at the mans eyes, he cried, and whispered "I'm sorry.. friend.." Then he screamed out "Bah, that's why you're weak!" like he talked to himself, or the man I got to know.. Then he crushed the bones in my neck, all turned black and I woke up. Woke up and held around my neck, out of breath. Kept seeing the mans huge grin inside my mind whenever I closed my eyes.

    Yeaaaahh, that's the worst dreams I've had.. Got a few more but yeah..

    That was some long post, I'm sorry for that.

    I've had these dreams a few times, not only once, hate it. Sometimes I wish I didn't dream, cause I only ever seem to have nightmares, never good happy ones, and I always remember my dreams, for quite some time after. Worst of all is that they seem so real. =/ Mental pictures that stick inside head for a long time.
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    This a nightmare i have every few months since i was like 8 maybe 9 years old,keep in mind iam 24 years old now so thats a pretty long ass time.Iam walking near what looks like a gaint cage at night.When i get closer to see if anything is in there some "thing" jumps in front of the bars with its blood red eyes and sharp long teeth,now the most scary part of the "thing" is not its face or its body but its evil laugh and smile.When i turn my head to the left i see the door to the cage is unlocked and slightly open.... when i turn back to face the "thing" it stares me right in the eye and smiles and makes a dash to the door,i run trying to close the door but at the last second i get knocked back and to the ground then i get up and here this evil laughing around me and i hear batwings..... and after what seems like forever i hear nothing i turn and the "thing" in all its horror stands infront of me with those blood red eyes... smiles showing his long sharp teeth and before i can even scream he bites me in the neck and i wake up with a pain in my neck and iam sweating.... so ya

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    Damn just damn... Oo
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    I was at least 6 at the time. I still scare easily, but a lot easier back then. I usually stayed away from scary shizzle. Though, one night I went to sleep and had this dream about me 'waking up', the room being dark (normally a light's on) and this bat thing with glowing red eyes biting me on the hand, it left two small marks there in the dream, when I woke up scared sh*tless, I had the marks on my hand. o_o. Was an ordinary night too, no scary stuff as far as I remember. I think it's weird how I had the marks, though.

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    i dont normaly remember dreams and the last nightmare i had was 10 odd year ago, but i was being stabed in the chest and all i could see was the glint of the knife and everything else was blackness could feel the knife strikeing me....that woke me up quick.

    And when i was like 5 or something a freaking huge man sized albino spider with red eyes was chasing me round the bed and i couldnt get away from the thing. i even know where that night mare came from...the cover off a book that my dad had.

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    first nightmare I remember I believe involved some massive black knight wielding a halberd of some sort. pretty sure that was from an episode of scooby doo.

    also I frequently dreamt that I was falling and felt myself "land" on my bed when I woke up. at one point I found myself waking up on the floor on the side of my bunkbed, having apparently knocked off the support bar and then landed flat on top of it. didn't even wake up immediately, it was just later "hmm I seem to have fell about 5 feet onto a plank of wood. How about that..."

    also something about an evil shadow-me that I swear I came up with before I started playing zelda games...
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    The one that scared me awake in shock - I was a doctor researching a virus - most of my colleges were acting strangely, or had died. I was doing an autoposy on one of them, and opened his mouth, and as I did, a light ball (the size of a baseball) flew out of his mouth and into mine. That scared me to DEATH.

    I've had a recurring nightmare as a child. First I was turned into a squirrel and falling into a pool, which I sank to the bottom of where I could not swim, and pink ooze would come from under the tiles, and fill the bottom of the pool, and It would open two glowing eyes and a huge cavernous mouth and I would open my mouth to scream and would be drowning and swallowed by horrible pink ooze...

    Ghostbusters 2. Stupid, stupid movie.

    But to be honest, the dreams that I've had on a drug called Effexor, while not scary, were so intense that I would have full on flashbacks to them at the most inoppertune times while awake that I would be hallucinating everytime I so much as let my eyes close for more than a blink's worth of time. I stopped sleeping just to avoid the dreams. Not being able to wake up, and worse, when I did wake up not being able to understand what was real and what was not was really jarring and terrible. But I do still remember 'clips' from them now, and I remember how horribly intense they were, but holy crap, some of it was so awesome. I've BEEN Spider-man. I've HAD wings and could fly with them. Hell, I've been my WoW character (and had a fling with Nef) and I really, really, remember those moments clearly, like real memories. It's disturbing, and it's far too much to have that happen to you every night, but if I could turn it on and off at will, holy crap, that would be amazing. (BTW: If the drugs you're taking have the side effect "vivid or strange dreams" - this could easily happen to you!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RestoRiven View Post
    For me it is the sensation of falling just as I fall asleep and it startles me awake again. It is fairly creepy and my wife is usually still awake to hear me gasp.
    Bah, hate that, got it quite often. Just as about to fall asleep. it feels like I'm about to fall of bed, but I'm laying against the wall, with no where to fall, lol.
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    I've died many times in dreams fine but being buried alive was truely horrible

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    I remember I think I had some hot / spicy food once and then slept in the caravan under the sun. Had some very weird dream even by comparison to others I had, but this one was by far the strangest I've had since everything felt so weird.

    Anyway I can't remember how it started, or what it even was or what I was doing. All I remember is some yellow line against a grey background and a huge weight on my shoulders and hands as if I was carrying something - but at the same time I felt like I was trapped inside some tiny box. If I kept my cool the line stayed straight but if I started freaking out it just started going crazy, I felt like I was being thrown about in nothing I can even imagine. Woke up and demanded no-one do so much as talk to me for like one hour.

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    The ones that actually scare me are the ones that seem real. like someone breaking into my house at night and for some reason no one notices that hes killed everyone in the house but me, and for some damn reason i can't go next door or call the police.. or run, but i can hide and run around the house inside and out. Also i wake up scared shitless when i have dreams about being called to war, I'm in Canada and i haven't even taken basic training, so id be screwed but i think what scares me most is leaving me girlfriend and family behind.

    Or if i dream of my girlfriend cheating on me, i get really angry and stay angry for a while after i wake up


    When i cant sleep i take melatonin, and i always have messed up dreams, like gravity for some reason no longer applies to me and i float around and all over the place.
    Or my cars break don't work and im going 240 on the 401 and i always seem to think "Hey lets take the off ramp at 240 and hope i don't flip and roll a hundred times" and always wake up right as the car starts to leave the road
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    my worst nightmare was when i was awake tbh... either way i lucky dont have many nightmares when i dream.. tho i dont really dream alot D:
    tho.. the worst while sleeping is probaly... me in a 7-11 and then some monsters that looked like one of my old friends mom chased me (how i knew they was monsters im not really sure...) but well i somehow escaped out of the building and end up in some ice mountain (ye wut i dunno..) then i fall on the ice.... and falls out over the mountain and die.. D: i was like 8years old when it happend.. wasent really super scary tho.

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    Hard one. I usually never remember what I dream about, nor do I wake up screaming often. Not to say that dreams can't be scary without ending with a scream...

    Well, this one time 3 years ago or something, I had a horrible dream about being chased by something. I still don't know what chased me, but it was horrible and felt like a freaking eternity. It ended when I chose to jump of a cliff rather than face the beast, and I tell you this: When you throw yourself down a 1000 ft. cliff rather than even face whatever is chasing you, it's got to be damn terrifying. I woke up almost crawling up the wall (or trying to at least) and drenched in sweat in a 18 degrees C room.

    Luckily enough whatever chased me hasn't bothered to return. Now I just have these psuedo-nightmares where people from rl are angry with me for some reason I can't control nor understand, and wake up feeling disappointed and angry, but no fear. Don't like it one bit however.

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