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    It's not racist. I myself am not attracted to white women. I don't even want to be around them. From my personal experience they are more prone to be depressive and downright strange. Give me a skinny spanish chick instead.
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    considering that sexual selection is based purely around being racist and judging potential partners, im goin to say yes, and its neccessary for survival of the species

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    Quote Originally Posted by Yum View Post
    Not really, kinda along the same lines as "I'm not attracted to women with red hair", same concept, certain people are attracted to certain things.

    If he wasnt attracted to them because of preconceived stereotypes, then yes that would be racist.
    no he is not imo but it can be racist if he doesnt choose his words carefully.

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    It does not matter if it is racist or not. If you do not like them then you do not like them.

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    i dont care for black people in general but i would f a black girl if the circumstances were right. AM I A RACIST?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xatrian View Post
    To say you don't like black women is to literally generalize that you find an entire race unattractive. Generalizing based upon race. Racism.
    you are one of those people that tries too hard not to be racist, its not hating on black people at all, if you do not find black women sexually attractive then you just don't, its not a racism thing.
    i bet you wouldnt be waving the racist flag around if peope said they don't find redheads attractive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ryukaa View Post
    Definately NO, its not.
    he´s just stating that he does not "like" them.
    Do you need help looking up what "racist" means?

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    a comedian called bill burr has a segment on his monday morning podcast "is it racist?" he holds no punches when debating this subject.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Fuzzzie View Post
    I agree with the others. It's not racist. Not being attracted to someone because of skin colour is the same as not being attracted to them because of hair colour or height. People like different things.

    That being said I'm attracted to all women.
    And Boub !

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    Quote Originally Posted by BertieW View Post
    Do you need help looking up what "racist" means?
    Do you need help reading ? >_>

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    I really wonder why there is negative feeling towards being racist. It is logical and no one should be ashamed to think racist. If you do not like something then there is about that certain thing that you do not like, simple as that. No reason to be all flustered wondering if it is racist or not.

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    I remember having a conversation like this awhile back with a coworker.

    He pointed out that it 'might' be racist that I'm only physically attracted to white women. We came to the conclusion that attraction is hardwired into our heads, so accusing someone of being racist based upon who they would / wouldn't bone is just wrong.

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    i usually am not attracted to 100% black girls. but gimme a girl that is 50-75% black and the last 25-50% any other race and i will be like drooooool....

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    nope thats most definitely not racist at all.

    I don't l find any white woman attractive at all. Better yet, let me just say i think all white women are ugly. So much so, id never consider dating one. Imo, every black women looks better than any white woman because of the color of their skin.

    Am I a racist? na, i just think all white women are just unattractive and any black woman is superior in terms of beauty. So, if you are white, you are ugly in my eyes. While i do respect others decision to like what i find to be genetically inferior, it is not something im able to understand.

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    It depends on the context when this is said. Case closed.

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    i know a white girl who doesnt like white dudes.. is she racist? id say no

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    im more attracted to asian girls then white and latino!
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    Racism is a giant load of bullcrap to begin with, atleast the way we see people use it in society. Ever noticed how its never racism to call a white man a cracker or something derogatory? How its not racism to have funds that only aid non-whites? Schools exclusive to black people? Companies being told to hire blacks and gays over your typical white guy is perfectly okay!

    But by god, one white dude says Nagger and watch the sky burn! Racism is the most abused concept in a society, one side is always at the receiving at of the accusation. And there will always be a metric fuckton of people that will scream racism whenever they didnt get what they want or they have to put an effort into achieving something like everyone else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgundy View Post
    If a guy says, "I'm not attracted to black girls", is that a racist comment and is he a racist?
    Is it racist if I say I am not attracted to white girls...or asians? No, it is not, unless you add a sentence that explains in a mean and generalizing way why and that it has to do with something you don't like about the race or add a prejudice.

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    I'm not attratced to men does that make me a homophobe?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Millhouse Manastorm View Post
    I'm not attratced to men does that make me a homophobe?
    Going with the logic that half the country seems to run on, yes, yes you are.

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