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    Is this a racist comment?

    If a guy says, "I'm not attracted to black girls", is that a racist comment and is he a racist?
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    inb4 flame fest

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    Definately NO, its not.
    he´s just stating that he does not "like" them.
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    Not really, kinda along the same lines as "I'm not attracted to women with red hair", same concept, certain people are attracted to certain things.

    If he wasnt attracted to them because of preconceived stereotypes, then yes that would be racist.

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    to be racist it must be derogatory in nature, imo

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    Not at all. Sexual preferences can't be considered as racist. There are things you like and things you don't like.
    I'm not attracted to fat girls, for instance. Do I think any less of them? Not at all, I know many who's company I value deeply. Would I like to sleep with them? No.

    I do like black chicks though...

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    not liking black girls is not racist, it just means you don't like black girls, i don't like black girls and i don't consider myself racist
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    "Racism is the belief that the genetic factors which constitute race, ethnicity, or nationality are a primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that ethnic differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race." - Wikipedia

    The above has nothing to do with what (or who) a person is sexually attracted to.
    So, no it is not.

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    Also, this is a prime example of today's fear of racism, and how people are walking on eggs to not be politically incorrect.

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    YEA!! He MUST like black women. He MUST like yellow women. He MUST love arabian women whose face he will prolly never see! He MUST do this all to be so called "political correct".
    You would prolly call that person straightaway a "nazi" if he said a "racist" comment. You don't care and you don't see that by not allowing to speak him freely about what he only LIKES or doesn't LIKE (and everyone's taste is different, you simply don't argue about tastes) you are even more than a "racist". You are trying to force people to think against themself and the nature. Where is your tolerance and liberty now?

    Oh by the way stop seein' racism everywhere.
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    You might be a "racist" you're afraid so much someday...
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    Sigh, I really wish people would stop being so afraid of racism and realize that this fear of offending any minority is pathetic. We're all people.
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    Congrats OP, you are in fact not a racist

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    Honestly the tides have turned if any of you live or grew up in the inner city you know what I'm talking about lol. I think we should all revert back to what we're taught as kids

    "Sticks and Stones may break my Bones, but Names will Never Hurt Me."

    I mean I've been called any and everything including "Niggi" and I'm white! (To be fair I have no idea what Niggi means I assume it's friend or pal since one of my best friends (Obviously of African Decent) at the time called me it) The way I see it, if we're born and raised here... We're American, Color/Religious Views/Sexual Orientation doesn't matter. So back to the OP: No, and if someone takes offense apologize for their sensitivity. "I'm sorry I didn't think you'd be so sensitive" really stings
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    I agree with the others. It's not racist. Not being attracted to someone because of skin colour is the same as not being attracted to them because of hair colour or height. People like different things.

    That being said I'm attracted to all women.

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    Nope not racist, just his preference to women

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    No -- if i say i am not attracted to men, I'm not sexist I just like women cause I'm straight.

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    To say you don't like black women is to literally generalize that you find an entire race unattractive. Generalizing based upon race. Racism.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Burgundy View Post
    If a guy says, "I'm not attracted to black girls", is that a racist comment and is he a racist?
    The only way this can be construed as racism is the simple implication of the race mentioned. This can be done in many ways.

    "I don't watch Mexican shows." or "I am attracted to white women." Inherently, you could derive that you don't like Mexican shows because you don't like Mexicans, or you are attracted to only white women because every other race is beneath you. People take things out of context for their own securities and make it out of something it isn't. Also, to avoid conflict, if that's what you wish, use better wordage such as "I prefer Asian girls over White girls." This way you are still saying you are not attracted to the second, and stating at the same time your actual preference. IMO

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    It's definitely not, but there are a large amount of people who will deem it so, because they want it to be racist then they have something to say so they can screw you over somehow.

    Does anyone know of the story where the NAACP took down a graduation card that's been on the shelves for three years? The reason being they felt the line "you black holes, you're so ominous!" sounded much like "you black whores, you're so ominous!" There is a video of the news story regarding it so y'all can get your own interpretations. IMO, though, it clearly says "black holes."

    In this new age of political correctness, people are so afraid that the things they say are going to offend someone. Mostly due to people actually being offended by tiny irrelevant statements. Someone could totally twist this post around, and say I'm racist because I'm saying certain ethnic groups get offended too easily (of course that isn't what I'm saying).

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    Even asking that question shows how sad the current state of political correctness and social indoctrination is. You don't have to love or accept everything just because it exists.

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