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    OK so normally i just delete them but this one caught my eye lol so i opened it.

    I laughed so hard

    From: bizzgm

    Subject: Blizzard Entertainment's mistakes cause you to World of Warcraft account stolen, this is the compensation you jmtj3xse

    Inside was a link that was all blizzard out and said "congratulations! Your world of Warcraft account (_________.com)to receive compensation.This is Blizzard Entertainment's apology, We acknowledge a mistake, for you to lose the World of Warcraft account in order to recover our losses, We will give you 50000 gold coins free of charge and rare mounts (Dark Phoenix), I hope you can restart the game

    Login here to authentication, 48 hours you will receive compensation

    Description: test account and permanently disabled can not compensation

    I was like how to people think this stuff is real. Lol So thought it be funny to share other horrible attempts to hack accounts.

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    It's funny. Yes, we all get those. Although, it's forum policy to not have these sorts of things.

    One tip I'll give everyone is to use a different email for their Blizz account that they use for all other things. Grab a cheap authenticator and don't worry!

    Thanks for posting, but as I said, these threads are against our policies! Sorry about that!

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