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    looking to try out a priest

    as above my 2 mains are mage and hunter, and i now fancy trying out a priest.
    what is the best survivable spec to lvl with?


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    Shadow for questing, obviously, but I prefer doing dungeons as disc ^^
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    Take a guess... no, NOT THERE! You and your dirty mind.
    I'm currently leveling a priest too, and Disc at lower levels is just fine for quests too (in my opinion) =P

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    For solo leveling nothing beats shadow, you can basicly just spam dots on as many enemies as possible loot and have 100% mana/health
    for dungeons I found the only difference between holy/Disc until 82ish being that with disc spamming 1 button (smite) and holy spamming one button (Heal) I did semi-competent damage while being disc.

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    I have been leveling a priest recently. Currently on lvl 62. Shadow is the way to go when soloing, and you should pick disc as second specc on level 30. Go for a smite specc in disc, its awesome for dungeons, and fun also.

    You can check my char: Minitor on Deathwing. I'm not saying I specc 100% accurate, or claim to be pro at priest, because I aint, but still, I think I've specced well enough

    Send me a pm if you have any question.

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    I'm leveling as Disc atm and I'm loving it. With BoA gear you kill most mobs with just Smite + Penance and the mp5 makes it even better than Shadow for me. And you get faster queues in LFG too .

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