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    Mana just vanishing?

    I noticed after the patch, I ran into some strange mana 'problems'.

    After Cata everyone had to learn how to spend their mana, and I think I pulled that off pretty well. But after this patch, I noticed that something is just eating my mana? Like I can put my usualy 3 starting DoT's up like I always did, and the amount of mana that vanishes now is just retarded! I always have full mana before a pull, but after my 3 dots, I can stand with 20% mana? Something isn't right.. Is anyone else experiencing that their mana is just really hard to maintain even after just 3 active dots after the patch? :S

    First I thought that some mobs were using mana burn on me, but after looking the different mobs up, I saw that none of them even had this ability, or any other ability that can drain my mana! This is starting to become a problem since I now need a mana break after each damn pack of mobs, and before the patch I just needed my disperse and maybe a fast drink meanwhile before a boss.

    So please.. Anyone else? Or anyone have a suggestion to WTH is making my mana vanish?

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    I guess, we'd need some more information, like which talents you specced into and what you're normally doing to fight those mob groups. Unfortunately, Armory isn't available for the moment, which prevents me from looking into it myself a bit (even if I'm probably not the first person to ask for advice).

    Personally, I don't encounter these problems, I've noticed no change to mana management at all. It might be down to your manner of playing, maybe there's a little thing that's wrong. But please note that it hasn't to be necessarily your fault. If your group is making some major mistake, e.g. the fight's take too long, no focussed damage etc., you certainly will loose a huge amount of mana.

    But as said, it's hard to tell from what little we know now. Describe the situation in some more detail and I'm sure someone can help you finding out what's going wrong. =)

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    Power Torrent and DMC:V procs most likely.

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    The only thing I noticed since the patch is that sometimes, when you use Archangel (I always use it with full stacks ofc) you gain mana and then what you just gained on mana immediately vanishes again, even if you didnt cast any spell. Saw it in our raids, and then tested it on mobs in TB. Used AA, stood still and the mana was gone again. It's strange and the combat log doesnt show it. Shows only the mana gain.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valanna View Post
    Power Torrent and DMC:V procs most likely.
    Dont use Power torrent atm, so thats not it

    - Also, it's nothing to do with the group, it's just when i use the 3 dots that this happens.. Even on a dummy and without using my AA D:
    It's really frustrating, since i have mana problems from the start of the fights basically, and that's no good when I've got a raid tonight..

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    I guess it's only me

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    Just posted a simulare problem with my holy priest.
    Go in a fight with 100% mana - cast 2 spells (renew and PoM) then my mana is at 60%... then it regens for a few sec.. goes up to 64% maybe and popps up to 99% in a flash...
    This can happen multiple times during a fight. Seems to mostly drop around 30% mana with no reason...

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    Lightweave embroidery maybe? Or another +int proc? Is your max mana the same all the time?

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    im the same on my spriest... happens with both cookie cutter pvp and pve specs... not int buffs either
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    Could it be as simple as Mandala of Stirring Patterns proccing?
    Cant see how 2k intellect would make me drop 30%, but ill keep a closer look.
    To me it seems like a bug.

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    I've noticed this as well, i was in BG's as disc and my mana dropped from 80% to 10. Happened to fast to be mana burn (and there we no other preist around, believe me i looked :P). I was using 2 pvp trinkets as well so to people mentioning trinket procs, etc... it's not that. I was starting to think i was going nuts, glad I'm not the only one who noticed this.
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    same here on my sp, i didnt have any probs before always could manage it.

    did a couple of heroics yesterday, first ones after patch, and indeed i notice the same. Thought it was me, but obviously i am not the only one
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    My SPriest also goes though mana like a Crackwh**e... Barely lasts a Minute on dummies before ooming even with dispersion, fiend and AA.

    Somethings broke...

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    Well, problem is not mana being gone - coz i dont feel that it realy is gone.
    I feel the mana bar is showing wrong amount and correcting itself...

    I cast 2 spells and boom - down to 60% - then a few sec and stright up again to its "real" amount at 90+%
    Hopefully the mana is not gone, it just shows wrong.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cortex View Post
    Well, problem is not mana being gone - coz i dont feel that it realy is gone.
    I feel the mana bar is showing wrong amount and correcting itself...

    I cast 2 spells and boom - down to 60% - then a few sec and stright up again to its "real" amount at 90+%
    Hopefully the mana is not gone, it just shows wrong.....
    This seems to be it for me cause after the mana drop it zooms back up within a spell or two

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    It is the same for me. I thought it was my Mandalla proccing, but from what people are saying here it seems more likely some kind of bug.

    Has anyone mentioned this on the official forums? (I cannot post there, my authenticator is at home

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    Yeah its cause of some intellect proc like it was sayed... when some int proc u just get more maximum mana...
    for example when u have normaly 90k/100k mana and then u will get some intellect proc then u have 90k/120k and in % its less then u had before proc... and after the proc end u are back where u was before the proc
    just try look at your maximum mana in the time when your mana disappear.. im sure u will have more maximum mana then before mana disappearing
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    Ill see what proccs m8 - ill try later when i come home from work - but a 30k mana procc?
    Where the hell do i get that?

    What could possably get me form 99% to 65% in a sec and last for that short....
    If someone has this problem and could see in their mana pool changes when this occurs - plz post.

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    Darkmoon Card: Volcano or trinket from hellscream reach(horde) (Mandala of Stirring Patterns) are huge intellect proc so u will get rly lot mana ... (btw Mandala of Stirring Patterns was changed from spellpower to intellect with this patch so its maybe your problem)

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    Lightweave back enchants and the Mandala of Stirring Patterns are both int procs as of 4.0.6. This means they will increase your max manapool, but not your current manapool. If looking at it from a percentage meter, it will seem as if you suddenly dip down to around 70% mana by casting 'Heal' or a just a dot.

    Not to worry, neither proc is changing your current mana. Just your max mana.

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    I haven't been having any mana issues as Shadow. Are you using SW: D on CD?
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